Flower time when buying seeds

New here, trying to figure out something that seems straight forward, my wife says I just overthink everything.
So my question is when buying seeds and the flower time says 10 weeks is that total grow time from seeds to harvest? OR Is that seed to flower (veg), then another 8 weeks or so in flower? Here is some of my plants I know the one has a nitrogen deficiency, treated a couple days ago with blood meal and should be coming out of it soon. Thanks in advance.

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Those timeframes are typically flower only. So you have veg (how long depends on the grower if it’s photo plant, if it’s an auto, the plant decides but typically at least 4 weeks) then transition period (1-2 weeks) then your 10 weeks start.


I start Counting day 1 On flower time when I first start seeing the plant starting to flower. After the transition of flipping to 12/12 light schedule. Usually see flowering start after about 10 days of 12/12 light schedule. Nice plants good luck.

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