Flower time: starts at 12/12 or when showing sex?


New grower. I have a feminized Northern Lights from ILGM. She’s about 6 weeks old now and I’ve got her in total darkness for 24 hours and will start the 12/12 schedule tonight. So this plant is supposed to be done flowering in 7-9 weeks.

My question: will it be done 7-9 weeks from today (today = the start of the 12/12 light schedule from the 18/6 schedule), OR is it 7-9 weeks from when the plant shows it’s sex/begins to produce an actual bud?

I’ve looked in the grow bible, and searched this forum (as well as a few others), and this is a question without a clear answer. So for ILGM genetics specifically, which one is correct?


It is possible it could be done in9 weeks. The Breeders guide is just a estimate. Good luck finishing welcome to the community.

My experience with the Northern Light I have always grew the autos but never had one finish early always take longer to finish but well worth the wait nice solid dense buds covered with clear crystals.

Yes, but 9 weeks from the 12/12 flip or 9 weeks from the plant showing characteristics of an actual flower?

Once it starts to flower I would start the countdown.

Yup once u see her start to flower start ur count down

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Thank you!

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If u have any other questions feel free to tag me in ur question do u know how to tag? @ and then thier name right after like @NLgrow

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I appreciate your willingness to help. Thank you!

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