Flower time 7 days

Switch to 12\12 few days ago



Looking good
I wouldn’t keep misting leaves once you see flowers and it can take as long as two weeks after switching to 12/12 before you see any flowers
Again looking good keep doing what you have been it’s working lol :wink:


Plants are looking good. Keep it going and you should be happy.


@Countryboyjvd1971 thank you guys im sure of 1 plant so far 1 other 3 #2 plant looking like a hermi should i get rid of it ? Uploading pics in 2min

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Keep it or throw it out?


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@TxGrowman should i keep this?

Balls and kill it dont waste any more time sorry buddy @Herbalis

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The Emperor looks over the plant in question and sticks his thumb down :-1: - KILL HIM he cries ! !

Unless you are breeding with female plants, this man has no use in a harem ! He will only kill all your buzz from well grown plants. Time to start over but remember all you did this time. Every grow has a lesson to learn, either good or bad, the mistake will help next time because you will not have to repeat it. . :us: :man_farmer:

Agree with @Countryboyjvd1971 on the misting for sure. As soon as you have flowers, misting will lead to mold and all kind of problems. Remember that veg likes high humidity and flowering likes much lower humidity.

That and “pH is everything in a grow” !


@Countryboyjvd1971 @TxGrowman thank you for your reply my lords give thanks. Throwing that shit out now 1plant#3 to go will upload pics soon there all the same age day 65 today.


Blessed love