Flower stage with GG4, have brown colors on interior of bud leaves


Sort of late flower stage, all fan leaves are gone. The sugar leaves are turning a light brown on the interior near the main stem of the leaves. This isnt happening on all of them but enough where im wondering if its a problem or if its a natural part of the process. Any help would be appreciated. Im using a k5 led from kind, indoor, and using technaflora hydro nutes.

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A picture in natural light would let us see the coulors you are describing. @trojan. Just trying to help you with a more informed answer. :grin::v:


sounds normal this late in flower, plant starts to eat itself for food, how late in flower? and can you provide a close up in natural light.


here we go hope this helps

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You need one of those digital microscopes that fit on your phone or plugs into your laptop, then you can get a closer look, also if you put up a single photo we can zoom in further.

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To me it looks like you’re in the very late stages of plant life cycle. I agree on needing a scope to check out trichomes. I’m betting you are either very close if not ready to harvest.

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I agree with @Hungrybud. And @DoobieNoobie. Looks very close to the end. :+1::v:

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Agree with the rest of the growers!!


im having trouble checking trichomes, this is my first time. i have a cheap mag scope i got from the hydro store but lol i think my hands are too shaky. I can only zoom clearly on leaves. Also the tops of all the buds are still more than half white pistils. but Im loving how they are looking, like someone dumped a bag of sugar all over them :slight_smile:


That one bud looks to have light bleaching so she doesn’t count. Lol. Try holding the scope and the bud with the same hand that way they shake together if that makes sense. I have spasms in my back really bad so it’s hard on me to. Also if you have a camera you might try it. Sometimes cameras have enough zoom to be able to see. They look pretty close to done just based on overall appearance of the plant.


it seems all my tallest buds have that white top


How high above is the light? It’s definitely light bleaching. You need to move it up at least a couple inches.


yeah next time i’ll be moving my light up to the top right away, are the bleached buds still good to consume?


Yeah they’ll be just fine. Just look funny.