Flower Stage Now: Nutrients? Pruning?


  1. Outdoors, with lights at night for 18/6
  2. Durban Poison Seeds
  3. Started July 15
  4. Soil in 15 gal. pots: only Fox Farm, Ocean
  5. No nutrients added. No signs of problems.
  6. Started Flower stage on September 15. Now approx 12/12 hours of light.
  7. Trained branches horizontally.
  8. Started adjusting pH September 25.

-see photos-

-The plants have had huge fan leaves. But smaller now.
-Very few leaves have turned light or died.
-Should I prune anything?
*There’s the theory/idea of not pruning fan leaves, especially for less established new tips, that the leaf provides energy or whatever for that tip. What do you think?
*I do recognize that the leaves can block the sunlight.
*If the plant is healthy, with no want for water or nutrients, I don’t get how the leaves can “take” things away from the growing/flowering tips.
-How should I prune?
*Can send me links to articles I couldn’t find…

Anything I should start now? Have not used nutrients up to this point.

Thank you VERY MUCH!!!




Just read up on Bergman’s advice on pruning. I think I’ll prune just to create more sunlight, including just trimming parts of obstructing leaves.

Still need advice on Nutrients for Flowering Stage…

I usually start my nutrients about the 2nd or 3rd week of veg stage. What you use is up to you, lots of choices. One of the more popular is Fox Farms Trio (3 different things for different stages), General Hydroponics has a 3 pack of nutes I have seen people using, there is advanced nutrients brand, Botanicare, and there is Nector For The Gods…

Most people use Fox Farms from what I read here, but have seen good grows using all of them (Nector for the gods is a newer one, so not a lot to go on, I have them and will use them next grow) @Countryboyjvd1971 is presently using them I believe.

But yes, start some nutrients, any will help your yields, each different brand has their own schedule on when to add what…

You have really LSTed it out nicely. I don’t see a lot of shading. The plant can decide when it wants to give up on some fans and start taking their nitrogen. I’d wait until specific fans turn yellow first. Then you can prune them or just pick them. Lollypopping is more an indoor SCROG thing. Outside the sun moves across the sky and lights more of the plant than a fixed indoor light.

Ah, yes, the lighting difference from indoor. So much conversation is about indoor, it’s easy to overlook that outdoor the source moves 180.

I started to trim just parts of leaves that lay right over the smaller tips. Just a little trimming opens it up!