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Three days post-transplant and doing fine. They are no taller, but I have a massive amount of light on them with a 1200-watt grow light 24 inches above them and a 400 watt LED high bay light 24 inches away laterally. Shorter plants are to be expected. There are new leaves appearing and there is further growth among the 2nd set of leaves where 2nd sets were already present.

I gave them 5 ml pHed water each when I transplanted. I game them another 2 ounces each of pHed water last night. When they drink this up in a few days I will begin watering in a ring a few inches radius around the stem to force the roots to grow out and away from the main root growth.



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Leaves curling under so I’ve backed down the lighting.

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Hi f interested in fan fixing system as I’m gonna go the same way! Any chance of pics?
Newbee prep!!
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Fan fixing?

I have a box fan pulling 1,900 CFM to the attic. There is a Honeywell HCM-6009 set on medium that provides a bit of fanning too, as well as a 8" fan I have blowing across a small space heater. There’s really a lot of airflow. It’s my first indoor grow in a while and I’ve done this in anticipation of odor. I have one neighbor in particular who is nosey as hell.

The 8" fan is behind the space heater seen at bottom right. I’m north and we have single digit temps here at night.

Does this answer your question?

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@FlxerPower errmm! Not quite I have a small attic space (not shared but unsuitable for easy access) for exhaust I’m thinking of cutting ceiling where would you place fan?
Maybe a bit daft!!

If you are concerned with odor then your best bet would be to place it where it will pull a vacuum on your grow room.

The picture here is a photo of a 2x8x8 closet, with the box fan exhausting air to the attic. The air dust is connected to a carbon scrubber that will remain off until I get odor.


Okay so although the fan is not sealed, or so it seems, is still able to create a vacuum? n …
@FlxerPower just had a blast!..cheese…started to waffle now it took me 10mins to realise the pic is looking up lol​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile: will get back to ya​:v:peace


The room is only 128 cubic feet of air so new air is brought into the room and exited via the fan more than 6 times a minute. It’s moving quite a bit of air.

Get ya but heat and humidity! How will that work?
Thanks 4 help F

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Good Idea

Two weeks old.


I fed the girls (I hope - it’s bag seed) 30ml of pHed water each around the perimeter of the pots today. It should be sufficient to keep them quenched for several more days and will encourage outward root growth.

The bag smoked like an indica and the developing leaves (short and fat) are indicating indica too.

I made hash out of 10g from the bag last night. Good stuff! The hash post is here:


Photos from 3 weeks in. They got a good drink last night.

The stems have thickened nicely this week. I will be topping them once the 4th node is a little better defined.


Upgraded lighting for the girls.

Horticulture Lighting Group 260 Watt XL Quantum Board LED Kit V2 Rspec


Weekly grow photos (a day early.)

I gave them a bit more seed sprout tea (1/4 prescribed strength) with their watering this week. I also topped all but one just above the 4th node, so they are a bit droopy. May take a few days for them to recover. I’m hoping the new HLG lighting solution will help them thrive.


Nice board! I have a 260 Also and love it!