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Starting a Proper Grow Log

• What strain, Seed bank, or bag seed: Bag seed, unknown strain but appears to be predominantly indica.
• Method: Dr. Earth Pot of Gold Organic Potting Soil, vermiculite(20%), perlite (25%), worm casings (5%), biochar (5%), and peat moss (30%).
• Vessels: 5 gallon pickle buckets
• PH of Water, distilled and PH to 5.8.
• Indoor growing
• Light system: AGLEX 1200W COB LED Grow Light, Full Spectrum UV IR Reflector, plus a 400w LED 5500k high bay light
• Temps: Day, Night 77/66
• Humidity: Day, Night 55/63%
• Ventilation system: 1,900 CFM fan room exhaust (3 cu. ft. fan) and a 6" AC Infinity carbon scrubber
• AC, heat, Humidifier,
• Co2: No
• Current grow stage: 11 days, seedling sprout on Nov 3rd.
• Hours of light/dark: 18/6
Current # of plants: 4
Grow room size: 2’x4’x6’

of plants at maturity: 2 maximum

Intended training method: SCROG


Holy Toledo, stay a safe distance or you will be exhausted from the room, lol. How come 2 plants per cup?


Good luck! Your little ones look good :wink:


Welcome to the forum first. Secondly…it’s going to be entertaining for you to get the other two plants out. Recommend get it so only 1 plant per cup since the roots will entangle with each other and compete for the resources necessary for it to grow.

Plus you can kill them if you don’t take them out very, very carefully.


I’m set to watching and coming along for the ride.:+1::+1::+1::tada:

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Entertainment you shall have. It might be a mistake, but the seedlings look strong. I’ve put them in 4 independent pots. We’ll see which, if any, survive over the next 48 hours.

@FlxerPower They should do just fine. Long as you didn’t damage them you should have nothing to worry about.

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Mycorrhizal added upon 1st transplant to 8"x8" pots. Distilled, water to pH 6.0 added with no nutes. A very small amount of SST and silica were added during a previous watering (5 ml.)

I don’t expect any growth for a few days as the plants adjust to the transplanting.


Looking good, and set to watching.

I’m buckled in for the ride too. I hope you’re a good driver lol. Good luck :+1:

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lol on getting “exhausted.” It’s really just a high output box fan affixed to the attic door in a closet.

I’ve separated the plants. We’ll see which ones survive.


Hell. Drive er like you stole er

Welcome followers.

I do have some Blue Mystic seeds coming and don’t have much space, so I will be flowering these toddlers pretty quickly - probably 8 weeks or so into veg so that I can move onto the Blue Mystic. I’ll probably cut the 1st Blue Mystic grow short too so that I can get a sativa plant or 2 going.

I’ll post independent logs of each grow, which will occur in series.

Any input on sativa? I’m leaning toward a Super Lemon or Amnesia Haze strain. I’m a medical user who treats migraine and an autoimmune inflammatory condition (hence my affection for the sleepy, trance producing Indicas.)

Amnesia has been my favorite so far, grow wise. Not smoke wise as it’s too strong for me. But just a very pretty plant with good yields.


Beautiful indeed. Certainly looks like a sativa. Great looking bud.

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This was one of the branches (they tend to crop it so may have to click on it to see the whole thing). She was pretty chill and just did her thing. She was a nutrient whore though. Smells, smokes and looks great. It just scrambles my brain when I smoke it so I just look at her in the jars, lol.


Wow! What was the dried weight on that beast?

She’s was a little over 7oz

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24 hours post-transplant of seedlings and the leaves are standing up proud.

Here’s to healthy plants. Cheers!


Hi @FlxerPower welcome to ILGM
Must say brill info for myself and the forum…your detailed spec is great as I’m a newbee!! looking forward to seeing the results
Happy grow :seedling: good luck

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