Flower Power reviews?

it would be helpful if this site would give more info on using the nutrients they sell- Im just wondering why theres no good recommendations or comparisons on the only line they sell?:pray:
I was getting ready to order and now i see they have an organic version of Flower power so now i have more to be curious about :nerd:- the difference between the two… and the use of the tablets for veg- Id love this option ( tabs) but would like to hear from anyone who’s tried it-
Ive been looking on here but find nothing :frowning: Anyone use them???

teeell me somethin good! lol like the song :musical_note:

Seems like they provide a fair amount of detail. After you click on “More Details” there is a link to click on. If you don’t see it or a page looks empty scroll way down, my browser loads it way down the page. They give reasons to use it, downloadable schedules, etc.

Just in case you somehow didn’t see it. Others can review, I’ve never used them.

I’m also betting if you started a thread and asked politely, they’d tell you whatever you want to know, short of trade secrets.

isn’t that what i just did? :kissing_heart:[quote=“Matthew420, post:2, topic:8251”]
I’m also betting if you started a thread and asked politely, they’d tell you whatever you want to know, short of trade secrets.

is there another way to start a thread?


LOL, It is. The first sentence sounded a little harsh to me. Good people here and they’re happy to help. You just sounded frustrated before you even asked :slight_smile:

All good, I’m sure you’ll get the info you need.

Guess there is a small amount of frustration that comes thru as this is a subject I’ve been trying to research since my order of seeds… :see_no_evil:
I wanted something simpler than the General hydroponics 3 part with cal mag and other additives- something plant specific and when looking at the Flower power feed schedule it does seem nice and simple- something for Indoor-
i guess I’m just trying to hear from someone who uses it and find it odd that No one seems to have ANY experience with it… like no one…? not even staff? some one has to be using the product…
( they should send me some and I will do a review for them lol ) actually it was on my order list and now they have the organic so I may try this but just really wanted some good reviews and experienced tips-

Wish I could help with a review, sorry. I would lean towards organic if I was ordering it. Big believer in organic foods and such for me so why not for the plant which will be smoked by you? So, I’d go organic if I were to buy blindly which you’re trying to avoid :slight_smile: Smart.

Thank you @Matthew420 your very nice to have read and answered as best you can. Im hoping someone will see this thread and be able to give a little insight. but your right about the organic … i would like to know if the organic does as good a job with bud size and trichome productions- that tablet thing is right up my alley lol how much would that make my life easier! gosh !
Ordering is a little stressful for me with the over seas thing and waiting on customs blah blah lol so i want to get a few more seed strains i have my heart set on and order my Flower Power at the same time- guess we will see what happens… :seedling:

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@Matthew420 PS: I just realized that today i had the sad event of harvesting 2 plants about 2 weeks earlier as they went hermie on me and i MISSED it completely :disappointed_relieved: and it really frustrated me… to see all the seeds in my popcorn buds and i was so angry about it… the time waisted… and care given- and learning curve obviously haha just to have this… so that may have been coming thru in my post as well LOL sometimes energy travels xo thanks for bringing my attention to it- I believe we are responsible for the energy we bring and i really try hard to make it positive so … Good looking out!

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If you want I could help you with questions regarding GH Flora

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@Paranorman… thank you - Im getting used to working with it ( GH3) - into the second grow now and they are 6 weeks into veg - i just put everyone under a scrog today and they are getting 18/6 MH600wt lighting schedule in a 4x4 tent (there are 5 plants)-I have rerouted the fan to include the lights this time to help with the heat ( I’m hoping) as i had some issues with the plants in my first grow - i was Ph-ing the water before adding nutrients which led to issues i thought were nutrient deficiencies but like low PH and also had heat in the tent about 80 sometimes 90 or more due to no air over the lights and no cool intake -SO all of the plants went hermie and had dry brittle leaves at the end with brown spots here and there… once i figured out - by a happy accident, not to ph the water before adding nutes…and lowered my plants onto the floor of the tent to get them out of that heat zone -( had them on a small coffee table so it was easier on me to work on them and see everything ) things went much better and i was actually happy with the size of the buds in the end just wished they had a little more trichomes going on, but it was unknown genetics so eh whatever - it did serve its purpose in making sure i have what i need and get used to things and make mistakes on the baggie weed before my ILGM seeds- soooo Ill keep using GH for the remainder of this grow and then see how i feel- I use a cal mag throughout the grow and bloom phases and kool bloom when in bloom and floralicious and flor blend in the beginning… I was following a how to grow series on youtube that used some epsom salt and molassas I dont know what your thoughts are on this?- and why do so many people prefer Fox Farm? lol those are my questions for now :speak_no_evil: guess I’m also looking for plant specific nutrients so thats why so intent on finding out more on the Flower Power stuff…

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@Paranorman I do have a question about GH 3 part - I am feeding them ( in transition to flower right now)
3 ml each part in a gallon of water-plus 5 ml of cal mag- ( a little less than half strength i guess) and I’m feeding every other time i water- so in your experience should i be feeding every time? or every other? or something different-

growing in Pro-mix in 5 gal pots in a tent under 600 HP

thanks :slight_smile:

I personally feed every other watering. Also 5 mil on my bottle of Cali-magic (gh product) is a maximum dose!

I feed somewhere between 1 and 2 ml of it every feeding, I hope I understood and answered your question?


yep I think you got it! :slight_smile: I feed the half strength of the GH3 and full dose of cal mag now that I’m in transition( i worked up to that little at a time) … Think i should lower that? cal mag dose at any point? or like right now lol hahaha oh and when your feeding, do you do half strength? of the GH3

I can only tell you what I do I add 1ml/gal unless I feel like it needs more then I’ll add two and a half

I seldom add 5ml if ever, I believe is plenty in the GH3 part so I’ve been just adding 1 ml with great success, but then I haven’t seen your plants so I don’t know what you’ve got going on, but that’s what I do

The recommended dose for transition to flower is 10-10-10, I often add half or three-quarters of that but can I ask why you’re only adding 3 milliliters?

mostly because I’m so afraid of over doing the nutes i guess- so 5-5-5 would be half- I’ll up mine a bit- My box has teaspoons and not mls so i was using the 3 ml as a guess really- haven’t seen any issues with this grow so far- i am watching the leaves for color and tips for curling and growth seems good- but i do understand that once you SEE the problem its weeks along and so if you think 5 mls of each per gallon is appropriate i will up it next feeding and bring the cal mag down to 3 … instead of 5- - This is what i mean about the nutrients- half strength, full strength, 3/4 strength - blah i just wish there was a plant specific indoor - one for grow- one for transition and one for bloom - already mixed up so not so much Chemistry involved- :weary:

I have to give it to Robert as i have 5 strains growing all ILGM seeds but the Gold leaf is by far the prettiest and its vigorous, healthy, bushy, strong grower- can’t wait to see it bloom! with all your help its gonna be awesome! This is so exciting to me :slight_smile: thanks for your time and advise.

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I can only tell you what I do I can’t recommend anything specifically because I don’t know what you got going on

GH flora doesn’t come in a box and it has ml & teaspoons so I’m not really sure that we’re talking apples to apples here my friend?

yes its the same thing - I got a box with these and several other GH stuff in it like the kool bloom and floralicious and flora blend and flora Kleen - like a Kit of sorts i guess and on the Box it has a table with measurements n stuff- but I think we are on the same page in either case- ill try using 5 mls all around next feeding as its the same percentage just a little more than i had worked up to thats all- your answers help as its always nice to know what works for others and where i am in compared to where others are- using the same nutrients- so Thanks Man! :heart_eyes:

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Okay I know what you mean by the kit, got you… if you have more questions or if I can help further just let me know

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