Flower power nutrients


Is anyone using flower power nutrients in a dwc setup and if so what ppm or EC are you running the bloom nutrients at. I’ve had a max of about 900 ppm or EC of 1.1, currently 500pm which isnt even close to what it says to use on the supplied table. One plant is massive the other one stayed short theres a tiny amount of tip burn on the big plant. Im just not sure where im at weather to decrease or keep running the same. Any hints or tips would be much appreciated. Im also noticing some leaves are wilting (looks over watered) when lights are off and they come back when lights are on but still not 100% any ideas. Cheers and sorry for the long post.


@Bjg welcome to the forum! I’m a soil grower, and unable to assist you with your question. However @Donaldj and I think @WillyJ are both hydro growers and can help you with your question. Before they get here, could you give us your light schedule? Some pictures would be really helpful also if you could. Happy growing!


Not all plants like same ppm levels which is where hydro can be quite nice since we can easily reduce nutrients but to best answer a picture may be needed because Phosphorus def can also be mistaken as nutrient burn at times :wink:

Very normal they are sleeping when lights are out actually it is more to do with how water is drawn up into leaves when lights are on creating pressure which make leaves rigid and perky.


Light schedule is 12/12, 4 weeks into flower. I’ll grab some pics


The first 3 pics show the wilting, these leaves wont come back up when lights come back on the rest seem to come good. But over the last 3 days ive noticed more leaves being affected. and now starting to show on 1 or two of the smaller plants leaves.
The last 2 pics are the overall plants the large one is growing into the light it just took off unexpectedly. There is the tiniest amount of tip burn on some fan leaves. Just not sure what strength to be feeding them and whats causing the wilting. There is a 3rd plant over the back in its own dwc bucket using different nutrients seems to be fine. @Donaldj


They don’t appear to be unhealthy but hard to see in purple light :wink: the lower leafs which appear to have some wilt are leafs which normally wilt off those with least light well below top


Cheers so what ppm level would you run at this stage of growth


tend to run lower ppm than many but I target around 1000-1200 but am actually running a plant at 900 with nice results atm