Flower power nutes EC setting

Hello all
I am going to be using flower power nutrients on my current grow.
My question is which setting should I identify on my EC meter when measuring the amount of fower power to use?
The amount is small in 1 liter of water so I want to be sure I measure accurately.

What growing medium will you be using @Jmesser80

Here is the chart for soil



@bob31 I’ll be using sunshine mix #4 which was told should be using hydro chart. I have the chart just not sure which setting I shouldn’t use on my EC meter. My meter has 2 different units of measure for EC.
I also tried weighing some with my digital scale also but the amount is so small it is tough to get an accurate reading.

ok, let me get the other one for ya.





My question is the chart shows week #1 grow cycle 1.56 EC per 1 liter of water.
My meter has both a TDS function and a EC function.
Using the EC function I am able to measure using micro-Siemens and milli-Siemens. The chart does not specify whether to measure using micro or milli it simply says EC.
So my dilemma is which unit of measure to use.
I probably should have paid more attention in science class lol

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No clue


I found this on the www

“Electrical conductivity can be expressed using a number of different units but the international standard is EC, and the unit of measurement is usually milliSiemens or microSiemens. The difference between these two units of measurement is the placement of the decimal point, so 1 milliSiemens is equal to 1000 microSiemen. The important thing to remember is that a nutrient solution at “full strength” (according to the manufacturer’s directions) has an EC between 2-2.5 milliSiemens and is expressed as 2mS/cm.”

SO the short answer is that Flower Power is expressing their EC as a desimal so their unit of measure is milliSiemens

I get a gold star :star::star::star:



Thanks @bob31 :+1:
I’ve been searching for 2 days trying to figure this out lol.

Don’t feel bad, I got lucky @Jmesser80

I was just about ready to throw my hands up and I read the page I was on one more time and I found it.

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