Flower Power fertilizer

So my seedlings are 3 weeks old, a few inches tall, and just growing their 3rd set of leaves. I got the Complete White Widow Auto Grow Kit, and have been following the Flower Power chart. It tells me I should switch to Bloom in a week, but they are, of course, not close to flowering. Is this correct or am I reading it wrong.

Also, it is grams per litre, yes?

i would wait til you see the first pistols til you switch to flower power bloom… pics will always help others make a more informed choice what doesn’t look like its started flowering yet to me or you might be very diff to the smart old admins in here lol from experience most autos trip about 4weeks after seed poppingyou should see 4-5 clear nodes… but never used IGLM strains yet…

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I would wait until you start seeing flowers myself.

I looked at the feeding chart a week or so ago and I believe you are correct it is grams per liter.

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@Jmesser80 It seems like so little. 0.5g is not much at all! Must be concentrated

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it seems so little but the NPK ratings on Flower Power are extremely high @latewood can maybe give you advice as he has personally used this feed

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Yeah I imagine it is a concentrate. Looks like in the bloom fertilizer it bumps up a bit. They are high NPK values as well like @B345T mentioned. Less is more I suppose.

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