Flower power fertiliser

hi guys just wondering when using flower power bloom do u add the boost fertilizer at the same time?

A general rule for nutrients is too add all nutrients to gallon of water then pH water. I don’t use the nutrients you are talking about but I do use fox farm trio and ad cal mag to the mix.

Thanks mate. I don’t want to sound dumb but does this mean I mix them in seperate containers to get the proper EC and then use it everytime I use bloom?

No you can mix all in one container. Not too sure on the EC I don’t use it.

Thanks bro

I go for a pH and ppm. So after I add my nutrients according to the feeding schedule then I pH water till I am between 6.3-6.8 for soil grow. I use the ppm to see how much the plant is feeding on.

I normally have ph at 6.0 6.2 do u think that’s to low and what ppm is good. The plants are 5 weeks old from seed they are in flower and they are white widow autos.

Are you soil? If yes then yes a little low. I shoot for 6.5. Ppm I don’t have a specific number I go to but I know if I check the runoff. the higher the number the more nutrients are in there. So say I feed and my runoff is 3000 which is somewhat high then next time I water with just plain ph water it should come down. Then you will know if the plant is feeding. Hopefully this makes sense.

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Yes they are in soil and yes u have been very helpful cheers mate :grinning:

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How do you check PPM? Isn’t that directly related to conductance? And Is PPM a way to measure the nutes in the water? I’m just trying to make sure I understand this correctly. I’m not set up yet So are my questions answered on the nutes packages?

You can get a meter that reads ppm(parts per million)

Thanks. I used to make my own colloidal silver. I had a guy that worked in a lab test it for me PPM. At the time I used silver coins 99.9% silver. Until I found out there was as much copper and zinc in there as silver. He told me that rattle snake poison was copper and zinc. I used a bar of silver after that 99.999% silver.
I’ve noticed colloidal silver is sometimes used with growing marijuana. But I don’t know why. Sorry for blabbing.

I think they use it for making feminized seeds.

i was wondering same thing do i add boost to the bloom towards end of flowering period… also wanting to kno the reviews on this product im very interested in this product i have it on the way in the mail trying to get all the info available?