Flower power feeding schedule question

So I have all of the flower power fertilizers from the shops nutrient section on this site. I will be doing an outdoor grow in soil. My question is what soil do I want to use since I have all the fertilizers for each stage and how often should I use the fertilizer? I’m going to use a water bottle drip system. Should I just have the appropriate nutrient in the drip system at all times? Or will that add too many nutrients and I should water separetly with the fertilizers, and if so how often? Any replies are greatly appreciated!

Here’s the feeding schedule link:


The link isn’t showing me anything, try a different one please.

If using a water bottle drip system, just be careful because the nutrients will settle in the bottle.

I would personally just water with the nutrients in the water, and not even use the drip system. But if you want to use the drip system you still can, just don’t over water! :v:

I just tried it no luck