Flower Power additives

Has anyone tried the Flower Power nutes offered by ILGM seed store ?
And how are they.

@Royc That’s what I use only have done 2 grows. I think @Hogmaster uses them also do a search there are a few topics about it. Good Luck:grinning:

They are awesome great results you can do 4 plants with the sample kit

@Royc I just started to use them yesterday, Had to wait for scale first to measure the powder to 1 litter water

Thank you @Hogmaster, @Rick3, @Gonnatry2 I will definitely order this with WW fem seeds

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You will be very happy with your results

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I ordered the stater pack and my plant has had no issues. Awesome so far.


Can you please provide a feeding schedule for autoflowering strains with Flower Power fertilizers? I’ve made a post https://support.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/t/feeding-schedule-for-autoflowering-with-flower-power-fertilizers-coco-coir/18561?u=gabarram

Are you asking Me?

Why not , I just want some information about a schedule for autoflowering plants with these nutrients, any would be of help! Thanks!

Look on the website. Click on the link and scroll down. There is a feeding schedule you can download.

That is if you didn’t see it.

Thank you. Yes, I’ve seen it but I’m not sure that schedule fits autoflowering…

It does. I think the schedule listed is for 12 weeks. Same as an auto flower. I only used it at 1/3 strength with PH adjusted water. I feed it a little FP everytime I water I just floored that schedule. Ill go take a photo if you like. It’s 31 days old from sprout.

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Ok, I’ll check it again, btw I’d love to see a pic of your girls at blooming time


I have a primitive set up. Good genetics and FP.

It looks lovely, congratulations! What strain is it?

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Northern Lights.

Your choice Chosen?