Flower Period & Flush Question


In general when the flowering period is say 9 weeks (55-63 days), does that include the flush week, or is that an extra week after that?


Flowering period is first pistils (not pre-flowers) and approx date of harvest.

Those are just a guideline and most times I find myself going a week or longer than what they say.



Agree with @bob31 with the time frame just being a guide line and about the pistols being the sign your in flower
But to answer you question @bob31
If tou are going to flush you would do this the week before you harvest
I personally stop feeding and only use ph water starting a week before I harvest i dont flush


And I agree with you as well @Countryboyjvd1971 no flush just plain water.


I agree with ^ those guys. So if you were talking about a schedule that suggested you run a flush your first week of 12/12, don’t count that as flowering time. If you’re talking about a flush at end of cycle, that technically would b time spent in flower.

One thing I would add, is to make sure you’re patient and actually be desired time out from harvest before you flush or go to water only. Starting s day or 2 early not a big deal, but a week or 2 early will starve your plants when they’re trying to pack on weight.


Well said @dbrn32 :+1: