Flower nutrients

It,s about a month till flower starts. Looking into flower nutrients. I have read several stories of people losing crops due to burning. The bloom supplements I looked at so far their NPK is very low nitrogen ok, but very high phosphorus 50 and potassium around 20. The grow is outside unknown strain leaves appear as INDICA . Suggestions and cautions.

After transition, nitrogen is still needed, but not as much. What nutrient line?

Thanks for the reply covertgrower.

Looked at local gardening center and Lowes MG I know how much it is not liked here any way. They had several brands Rose bloom most I do not recall . Tiger bloom, Flower fuel, best I can from checking search history.

Tiger bloom and flower fuel are acceptable for flower. Main point is as long as it has some nitrogen, but has PK boosted you’re in good shape.

If you’re looking for affordability and easy, a lot of members are switching to Jacks Nutrients. 3-2-1 recipe. It’s posted in the forum somewhere if you need it. It’s the same nutrients all the way through the end of flower.
It’s not so much as “simple” as much as it’s an excellent nutrient recipe for cannabis that works excellent as long as PH is maintained in proper variances.

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Thank you I was very concerned about some of the high levels very afraid to ruin my crop at this stage. There some of the reviews I read said their crops were ruined with in two days even at much lower concentrations then recommended. I do know what concentrations of K P are suitable for flower. Do you feel that Jacks would be high enough. I am new at this. My PH seems ok at this point municipal water is just under 7 with recommended trace minerals it comes from a reservior up on the mountain mostly spring and nonfarm runoff.

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High levels of salts in your concentrated nutrients is one thing but once you add to water you control the strength of the solution to avoid nute burn. The key is moderate amounts using good instruments to control your input.

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When you say good instruments are you referring to measuring PPM or measuring the weight or volume of the additive? I am considering a set of those small baking measuring spoons rather then the scoops that vaguely measure teaspoon / tablespoon.

@skipper1 ph meter and TDS/PPM meter.

Got ya, Will give it serious consideration. Presently had some yellowing bottom leaves sure levels are low due to weather got some cal-mag trying to keep nuit levels constant rain is not helping. Feed use deadbug and damn it rained again enough to flush out pails. Went from two weeks blistering heat to rain and more rain. Indoor must be easier the setup cost is out of my reach for the present.