Flower night temps?

I haven’t been able to find much info on night flower temps, a few say indicas can handle colder temps due to where they grow, not much on sativas so far as i have seen on how they handle cold.
My day temps are around 73 then after 12 hours of night its 57, i haven’t noticed any issues but could this slow production? I know it should be around a 10 to 15 degree drop, or at least what i read.


They will survive at 57f .But I believe it would slow down growth. I’ve seen people on forum that like to keep Temps during flower in the 60’s.


I have had the same temp issues as you. My low gets around 61 or so. I found out that the growth is a bit slower than what you may want but I can’t complain about the results. Just a little longer. happy growing :bat: :crazy_face:

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So 66 nighttime temp is good?