Flower looking done not sure was 35 last night

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Can’t tell for sure but that looks like a bud that has frostbite and then was trimmed

Do you think it is done the leaves were cut a week before cold. Is it going to grow more

I can’t tell 4sure without seeing the trichomes but my guess is yes looks like all the pistils are dark. Plus I don’t think it is gonna take another night of cold. If you have a magnifier look at the trichomes… if not you can download an app on your phone I use one called “cozy” it’s works not good but works. Here’s a couple pics to explain what to look for

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It supposed to be 40 tonight and 50 for the next 5 days at night and 70 80 in day. It may be done I see no more white hairs my 3 time growing

Hairs are pistils and yes I don’t see any more white ones, my guess is it’s ready but without seeing the trichomes there’s no way to be 100% sure. I’m about 85% sure without seeing em

Sorry but it’s really hard to judge from a picture

She looks good enough for me!


I can’t se

I can’t seem to see through the small end for some reason

You can always cover them at night if they arent done.

We had a good light frost the other night down to 35 and I live a mile from a river so lots of moisture. Mine are fine now. If you get frost water in the am to work the frost off. Depending on how cold it’s going to be the next week should be your gauge. If it dips at night that won’t hurt. It’s the hard freeze you gotta really watch.



Is that from a drone?

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iPhone 6 it looks like it tho she is so bushy

Looks like it doesn’t it. A low fly by.

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Is that one plant?

Get in there and get rid of some of that extra growth, imho.


I have been that is 3 plants hidden away big buds took the one down to the left middle one I have been working on harvesting most Likly few pounds only got 1 plant in


Damn nice job! :+1:t2: Look great

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