Flower Kiss Foliar Spray

Does anyone use it? What do you pH it to? Does it work? Do you like it?

@MrPeat @RockClarke ???

I don’t use it as I won’t spray my leaves. Asking for trouble IMHO.

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Fox Farms Bush Doctor Flower Kiss specifically says not to spray on flowers.

“ Spray once a week until fruit and bud development occur.”

Do not use it!

Well, the latest Fox Farms Feeding schedule has you using it out through week 12.

And you are correct it does say that on their web site. So I guess a discrepancy in their docs. I’ll not spray it on my plants that are in flower. But I have some 5 week old clones that could likely benefit. But I’d like to pH it properly.

I bought the Fox Farms Dirty Dozen and always found it hard to include the foliar spray into my routine. It says on the bottle not to spray on flowers, but they suggest you can spray the leaves throughout the grow. I never figured out how to do that.

The only use I found for the Flower kiss spray is an early cal-mag deficiency that may show up during vegging, but that is rare unless you are using coco or peat based products and weren’t paying attention.

Spraying also requires proper timing. You need to spray shortly before lights out or you can get burn spots on your leaves from the light magnification.

I just can’t find a good routine for using the Flower Kiss. Hope you do better.

Well so far, all I have done is mixed some. I did reach out to FF via their web site asking for clarification. It may just sit.

I wouldn’t spray anything on my plants unless it was absolutely necessary. It isn’t needed and it invites other issues like burning plant surfaces and mold/mildew. The potential benefit isn’t worth the risk.

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That might be true for plants with “hairy” leaves, but smooth leaves (like hemp) are not affected by this.

There may be a reason not to allow water spots on your leaves, but this ain’t it.


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I never worried about burn spots on my leaves. I’m not that ocd. There are plenty of leaves that will need to come off eventually so small defects don’t bother me.

I only said it for those growers who obsess over every spot on every leaf looking for an explanation. Seems like a commonly suggested reason for the random spot on a leaf.

I get that. I posted a pic of one of my plants after I sprayed her and people lost their collective shit over it.

Fox Farms response to my question…

“If you are following the Soil Feeding Schedule, you can use Flowers Kiss twice a week until harvest. If using it standalone, you would want to follow the directions on the website.”

Which I think implies that if you are following the Soil Feeding Schedule, that you are adding it to the nute mix, and not spraying. But if you are spraying then not after budding begins. I’ve asked them that question, and will update this topic once they respond.

And their response…

“You would still be using Flowers Kiss as a foliar spray.”

Which seems contradictory.

So an experiment seems to be in order. I have 2 clones of my GSC plant. They were taken the same day (7/6/21), and I have been keeping them small waiting to harvest, then move them to the grow tent. They are genetically identical and have been treated identically up till today.

On the left is our control girl, and will NOT get any foliar feeding. On the right and marked with an * on the tag WILL get foliar feeding twice per week.


I’ll follow along…

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Popcorn cooking

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Certainly too early to draw any conclusions, but in just under 24 hours, it appears out foliar treated clone has responded in a positive manner:

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48 hours and after only a single foliar feeding, our treated clone still seems to have the advantage.

I was interested in flowers kiss but was already in flower …depending on the results I may have to start including it

Pretty cool of you to do this

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