Flower growth- White widow cbd auto

Hey guys I need some advice. For this plant, it was looking really healthy a few days ago. Unfortunately it was stunted early on in growth, so it is pretty small and only will create one bud site due to this.

The last couple days I’ve been keeping an eye on it because the bottom leaves are starting to turn a lighter green color.

The issue now, is the bottom leaves look like they’re dying.
And if you look at these pictures, it appears as if the leaves are curling downward.
I am using Fox farms ocean forest soil. My light is 15 inches away from the plant at 100% intensity ( viparspectra xs1000 light )
The plant seemed to be really enjoying the light intensity.
It’s just now, she isn’t looking too happy.

Any tips, info, tricks is much appreciated.
The first 2 pictures was 3 days ago. Looked pretty healthy besides this one leaf starting discolor a little.

The other pics are of today. As you can see, the leaves are curled downward and a little droopy
Even the small leaves on the stock are droopy now.

Anyone know why this can happen?

I haven’t watered it all week. When I noticed the dropping this morning, I gave her a water considering the pot was super light and soil was pretty dry. So I thought that was the issue, but usually the leaves would perk back up, but they didn’t.

Not sure if this is the issue, but I also found this bug crawling around on the plate under my pot. Not sure what it is. Never seen it before. Anyone have an idea? I couldn’t get a really clear picture because it kept running around lol.

Gonna grab @Caligurl @Lacewing @Pet_de_Chien - they can weigh in on bugs hopefully :v:


Hmmmmm… I really don’t know of any bug with a larger front half than the back except may in the ant family…


Ok, also… it looks like overwatering but if you know your and not… is it getting proper drainage?


I hope you find the answer because I have one that is always droopy. She was a clone and growing gangbusters and then boom droopy. She is still growing, starting preflower, a nice green color but droops. I am wondering if mine is just due to genetics since I have seen some shaggy strains out there.


This is what I think you have and if it is I’d keep it away

I’m actually mixed to be honest because they are good for the soil as they will eat pests but if there isn’t enough to eat they will eat the plant too

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Definitely looks similar to the one I posted. Weird that it got in there. I’m in a forest so there’s quite a plethora of insects out here

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The good ones should be there too then

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