Flower growing from leaf?


Wow that’s something I’ve never seen :thinking:

In the 90’s I got 12 seeds from a Humboldt grower of a strain that bred true for that trait.


I know huh…it was a mix bag…one of 2 females has this goin on…strange indeed

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What strain is it if you don’t mind me asking? If she’s willing and able, let her grown flower wherever she pleases haha

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I have seen this before and have seen several people on this site that have experienced it. I believe that @Cannabian was one of them, if I remember correctly :v:


I’ve had that on several plants…the other day on a gold leaf while defoliating and on a previous White Widow that went to harvest with it.
Both were branches growing from the fan leaf stem and from there a bud…pretty cool


Hey thanks all😉As far as I know it’s a hash plant…there’s no stem just flower freaky but so cool

I’ve never had one myself, but I’ve seen pics here from growers who’ve had it happen. It’s genetic.

Very odd indeed.

I have a plant right now that is growing a branch from a leaf stem. Ive had lots of wierd and wonderful things sticking out of leafs!