Flower cycle learning opportunity - thought they were autoflower

I thought that I had bought auto seeds. But I looked back at the order and FEM but not AUTO. What am I in for?

2 ladies in a 25 gal hydro tub, a G13 fem and a Candy Kush fem spilling out of a 2x4 tent. 9 weeks and barely the first sign of flowering. Planted Jan 1.

I changed the lighting from 24/7 to 18/6 about two weeks ago and I’m seeing the beginnings of the flowering stage

I’ve been trimming leaves daily and have a fan oscillating the undercarriage and another doing the room. I’ll do a more extensive trim once buds are established. I’d rather not force flowers with more reduced lighting as I have three new sprouts in the room. I could close the tent, but that will squish things. My concern is I only have 12 inches of height left before I would have to get creative and add a second scrog level and let it spread as well as removing the top of the tent for a few more inches of height.

Should I force the light or let it ride?
How long are the flowering stages for these two?


Photos probably not going to flower on 18 hours light. What you’re seeing is most likely just indication of sex from age. I would move to 12/12 light schedule and get them flowering.


Give it a good pruning first, get rid of the small and underneath stuff. Check it for bugs too :grimacing: , I don’t like the look of the little dots, maybe it’s just a calcium issue or the lighting in the pic.

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I am seriously concerned she is gonna outgrow your space. At 12/12 she is gonna explode. I would start considering some strong training up top. Some crack and bend might be in the future.

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The whitish spots on the leaves is sulfur residue from a misting. Saved them from rust fungus.
And they got a Capt Jacks shower today.

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how tall is the tent? They are big girls and depending on how much they stretch, you may need to do some serious pruning before changing to 12/12. You should also remove the leaves and small growth tips from the bottom 33%. When I say remove I mean butt naked.

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If there photos switch them to a 12/12 light cycle and ur going to have some huge plants man they will stretch alot more


@omeyer That looks like spider mites damage if you have a jewelry loop to see them there damage leaves white spots they lay eggs underneath the leaves and you have to look really well to see them

Holy haystack Batman! They are going to be SO HUGE!

I accidentally ordered some photo seeds too, but haven’t planted them yet. I’m glad I noted the difference on the label, my first grow was in a 2x2 and there is NO way.

Good luck! I’m sure by now you’ve changed to 12/12. That’ll get them stretching!

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The tent is 72 inches tall. The girls are 43" right now. Here is a better view.

Nearly done with the undercarriage cleanout


I would defoliate the 2, flip the light to 12/12. It will be roughly 8-12 days before flower sets in and the starting stretch. Super cropping will be your only choice to keep them from growing into the light. I noticed you have several inches before your light is maxed out :love_you_gesture:

Here is a White Widow I let go a little too long in veg while I was taking clones. Before and after defoliation.

Before defoliation


Before Harvest


They’re in 12/12 for three days now. I have room to work on turning the girls sideways. Trimming them has been a constant daily thing. I did a little early training, but the bulk will have to be creative.

Wasn’t easy but I got the Genie out of the bottle errr tent. Drained the 25 gal tub for a full fluid change and got it on a dolly. So now I can move it around. I put the sprouts in the tent so they can have their light.

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planted for a 2x4 space, the girls are filling a 4x6 space

First girl parts @ 11 weeks:

I got the stink bug! I saw him chilling on a branch just as I was noticing some of the damage he had done.
I grabbed around the branch willing to sacrifice it and captured him with little damage.

Week 12

They look good. You could take a ome more of those fan leaves off and some of the scraggly stems with bud sites. In another week you will want to get all of the scraggly bud sites off or you will have a lot of larfy buds. The energy wasted on those could be used by your top buds. To make them get bigger and stronger.
It is common to do a 21 day Defoleation after flipping lights to 12/12.

They get daily haircuts with focus on light sharing for the tips and keeping their stress down. Once the girls give a strong show of which tips they choose to develop, then the pruning gets more aggressive.
What is “larfy”?

Small under developted or little loose buds.
Even just small popcorn type buds.