Flower boost nutrients

Ok I just flipped my girls to 12/12 and I use general hydro 3 and was wondering if there was another nutrient I could use to help grow some bigger buds

I use the general hydroponics drykoolbloom in week 5 of flowering. Supposed to be a flower booster

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There are a million products under the sun that people will sell you on.

The basics are drop the N over the next 2 weeks and pump the P-K (NPK).
Every single company claims to do this the best and they all do it slightly differently, so pick what you want to spend your money on and how much you want to spend your money on.

Are you in soil or soil less?

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I’m soil and just watered my ppm is low on all my plants 988 so I guess my next watering will be full strength. I’m feeding them the trans feed so I’m also wondering when I should start doing the bloom feeding

Well ide be careful of “full stregnth” but you feed when your ppm. Drops or if you are seeing its hungry.
Bloom feed generally starts in transition, so end of veg, just like grow feed is fed till first of second week of bloom.
Go check a nutrient feed scedule from one of the major brands and it will show how they taper off the grow and ease in the bloom


I’m thinking I will be changing to fox farm nutrients in my future grows what would I use to up my p-k made by fox farm

Liquid Kool Bloom is used in flower and is part of the GH grow schedule. Dry Kool Bloom is used in layer flower and only for a couple weeks. I’d look up their feed schedule and products to get a grasp on what they do and when. Liquid Koolbloom is a PK booster


I personally think GH is a better product for cheaper, generally but I’m not sure what fox farms offers.
You should be able to go to their website and sesfch their products now that you know your want low N and high P/K

I use chem gro 4-20-39 cheapest nutrients you can find and it seems to be doing the job

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Thank you I’ll look it up now

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Thanks I was just looking up fox farm nutrients and not seeing that much good about it but I do know there coming out with a organic nutrients