Flower and Nutrients during Flower

I am growing in Coco-Perlite and using Bergman’s nutrient bundle. The strain I have is a 9 week flower. Do I feed nutrients to the very end or do I stop feeding when the trichomes begin to cloud and then just feed PH’d water? Please help!

Thank you.

Ideally the general “rule” is you should give only water the final 10-14 days before chop. Depends on the plant.

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Hey, to start with, flower times are under perfect conditions and are really just a guideline. Do you have a scope to check trics? That’s what you need to be looking at. When I have a week to 10 days before I harvest, l go with just water. I’m not an expert like a lot of these folks, so I’ll tag a couple to help.
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I personally just feed with plain water for the last 2 weeks and I use coco as well.

Alot of growers say it’s not needed and alot say it is. Form your own opinions though.


I feed all the way thru to harvest and never stop pushing…I’m not using any funky nutrients in my tank either so…

Coco 30% perlite


I usually stop feeding when I’m sure harvest is coming in a week or so.


If you have a good sense of when the proper harvest time is, stopping your feedings a week or so early won’t really change anything. Most people get into trouble when they think they’re in that window but are more like 2-3 weeks out.


Yea it took me until my 2nd grow after I pulled 2 of my girls a little early to realize you re about 2 -3 weeks away when the 1st amber starts showing up but yea flush them (or partial flush in organics) and only PhD water


@dbrn32 makes a very good point here, I regularly see the same thing on the forums.
Many think they are about to harvest and a month goes by which ends up causing deficiencys and lack of finished bud growth.

I would say feed till the end until you have more experience under your belt, with harvesting as well as with a specific strain. Then you can more accurately predict what’s going to happen in what time frame you can cut nutrients and do a flush, test it against non flushed and see which you prefer.

I personally don’t flush, I rarely grow the same genetics so it’s hard to predict what my plants are for sure going to do as some take along time to build Amber (and I love indica that puts you in da couch) as well I personally can’t tell a difference, nor have I seen any scientific evidence or even large scale test testing to prove flushing is worth it. Although it would save money on nutrients so if I grew a strain over and over again then I would probably run water at the end.


Happy anniversary @Caligurl @Myfriendis410 showed me some can tell if a plants has been flushed. I know for sure he was able to tell which I flushed and which I didn’t. None of my other friends seem to notice. All a side. I try and do a week before just because he showed me some can tell. :grin: