FloridaSon's B.S. grow moved outside

I decided to start a new topic for these two since they no longer apply to the indoor grow.

B.S.2 sprouted on January 21st and was placed in the ground yesterday…

Since she’s just bag seed, I decided to see how she would do with the stress of some Low Stress Training(LST) after I watered her in.

The black coated wire was just to move the leaf out of the way to show where I bent her. It was done in the evening and this is her turning back up this morning…

B.S.5 sprouted on January 23rd and was placed in the ground 2/12…

I didn’t notice any stress from the transplant, which is why I hit B.S.2 the same time, so yesterday I bent her too…

I decided to only hit the top two. I figured it would give the next two down a chance to catch up. The two below those will be what I use to reveg in the Spring.

Thank you for coming. Can’t wait to see how much better they are than what they came from!..


I have the feeling that that’s gone a be an awsome growth :grinning::wink::+1::ok_hand::innocent:

Bookmarked :grinning::wink:


They are looking good brother nothing like the sun :sunny:
Wish I could go outdoors
Had a dream of monster plants outdoors but wife has put a stop to that plan since we aren’t legal here :frowning:
Oh well lol
Will be watching bro :cowboy_hat_face::v:CB


Noooooo :cry:

Looking awesome @FloridaSon, can’t wait to see the progress throughout this grow!


This is going to be interesting to follow. hope it all goes well

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I’m hoping too!! Lol

The first harvest will be premature since I don’t have enough time before our Spring Equinox. It will give me a decent idea of what these seeds can produce, but after that harvest is when these two will get interesting.

Coffee is done!! Good morning everyone…


We had a pretty strong wind event yesterday with the front that came through. Not much rain involved, but the wind was like a tropical storm passing through!

So I checked the girls and everything is good…

A closer look at the apex…

That was BS2…BS5…

The lower shoots are all catching up with the bent limbs except for one at the bottom…

Here’s how it looks from above with highlights to show the different branches…

The yellow shows the bent limbs. The blue shows the next two down. The red , the lowest ones. The one with the red arrow is the one not reaching the canopy.

If it was after the equinox, I would take the arrow for a clone. Instead, it will probably become the top for reveg. Naturally, this may change when I cut her back, but it’s the thought for right now.

Thanks everyone…


Man I gone a love this topic my friend :wink: :innocent: :v:

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I’m hoping it turns out to be a good one for helping people. I suck with keeping updated on what I’m doing and am trying to get better with that.

This will be my first grow in this ground since we just got here last year. My wife said her brother grew monsters here when she was a teen! Both sites had pigs or chickens over them years ago and look really nice for plants.

The ground hasn’t been worked for years and seems to be enjoying the attention. :wink:

Thank you for all the encouragement and support you are providing across the forum. We all have our part to play in making this a great community!


For sure, I have no doubt about it will become a must bookmark topic, just the way you handle the bending technic and the information you give about the possibility of two harvesting is worth to be bookmarked and follow.

A big Thanks for sharing @FloridaSon :+1::ok_hand::v:

~Al :v: :innocent:


Looks interesting and outside, right up my alley :sunny: Im interested in doin something like this next so thanks.


@deb1 have you use the Rockwall to start your seedlings

Nah, I use seedling starter potting mix

@deb1 Did they look anything like this

Ive just popped another three in, i reckon i will just squeeze them in before it gets to cold, so hoping they pop up today or tomorrow

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Just a quick suggestion. Have you looked at Mainlining by Nugbuckets ? The plants you have look like they are very healthy and mainlining might be something to look at for this grow or read about it while doing LST and consider it for later grows. It can really increase your yield. Jerry


I’ve read the blog about mainlining once, but figured it would be better to try supercropping first.

If you believe these would be good candidates for it I will take a closer look at the process. I’m always for making a bigger yield as long as it doesn’t hurt the quality. I didn’t see any reason to believe mainlining would hurt quality.

Is your suggestion based on my plan to reveg or was there something else that you saw that brought it up?

Nope @Hogmaster, i just buy a bag of seedinling raising mixture (like potting mix) and use that to start them off. I see ppl using different stuff but for me thats scarey so i just stick with dirt looking stuff lol

Now would be the time to do your Supercrop at this stage you should be fine but it is a lot of stress but I did the same thing on my bubblegum and I had like 330 g dry it works beautifully and it’s so simple

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