FloridaSon's 2018 madness


About halfway through I couldn’t help but think to myself, Apple probably didn’t fall far from the tree lol. Would’ve kept it to myself, but since you acknowledged…

Be good brother!


Yeah, we were too much alike for our own good. Lol


Hey @FloridaSon, are you sure it’s gout? I suffer with my feet and legs. I have peripheral neuropathy, ( spelling ). My feet are unbearable and burn with pain along with a numbness! I take Lyrica, Nucynta, ( opioid ) and oxycodone. I take it every 12 hrs. There are some days that the medicine barely takes the pain away. It can be so frustrating. I go in about month to be fitted for a chip with leader wires that attach to my spine. I will have a remote control that I can control the amount of stimulation I receive. The way it is supposed to work is to keep my pain down by breaking up the signal to my brain. I have mixed feelings about this plan as one swears by it and the next person says it did not work for them. I am keeping my fingers crossed.they thought I had gout and I went to a neurologist and that doctor came up with nuerapathy.so many people are misdiagnosed and suffer. I hope you have a good doctor. Just wanted to give you a heads up. Mike


That’s an oxymoron, isn’t it?? LMAO

I don’t know about the neuropathy, but I definitely have gout.

I don’t like or trust doctors. The only reason I knew I had gout was the pain sending me to the ER since I knew I hadn’t injured myself to create so much pain.

My lack of a medical history is the biggest reason I can’t get disability. To Hell with that. I see no reason to give a doctor money when I know what the problem is and all their “solutions” have only made things worse.

I appreciate the heads up, but gout is my biggest problem in life. Although, lately the pads of my feet burn like hot coals and two of my toes seem to stay numb now.

Such is my life! Lol


Man it is the same thing with me! Burning feet toes numb. My right leg swells up on me and I have to stay in bed with my feet elavated or wear a tight compression sock that goes up to my thigh. I have been through 2 neurologists and the dr. At the pain clinic, and all say the same thing, peri feral neuropathy. Doesn’t gout come from eating food to rich? I have bigger fish to fry right now. I found out that I will have to be on oxygen 24/7 for the remainder of my life and I will have to give up smoking pot☹️. I guess I will have to learn how to cook with it. I have got a lot to think about so I will be among the missing for a few day’s. Say a prayer for me pal, Mike