FloridaSon's 2018 madness


I don’t know about the milk. I’m wondering if the TMV has something funny to do with it. It’s definitely a new one to me. Looking at the basic chart, I can also see why someone suggested Sulfur. It doesn’t look like that’s it to me though.


I would say anything is possible. Unfortunately that’s about all the feedback I can give.


Yup, I’m at a loss on this one.


I think it’s an iron deficiency.


One of my autos had started to do that to me. Mine did it after I flushed her. I upped my cal mag to a tsp per gallon for a few days and my leaves started going back to green. I still have a few spots here and there but over all. It fixed mine. Not sure if the fact I am in coco matters.


Thanks @Budbrother!

@dbrn32, I haven’t used the milk yet.

Yellow veins? It started in a couple veins to start. I thought a couple leaf borers had gotten me until I noticed the lines were only one the veins. Miners do squiggly lines wherever, as you know.

Anyway, the upper leaves look fine, these are three or four about mid plant. Also only seems to be affecting only one branch of my tri top…

I don’t know. I’m in Ocean Forest with additional coarse perlite.

I don’t know the ph, having lost my meter, but it seems like more of the plant would be affected. Yes?

See what @Donaldj thinks?


Sorry, @Donaldj . here is a closer one…


iron usually starts with new growth sorry have to get my arse to work or would delve deeper


Update on the Quad. No longer unknown…

Well, this Florida Cracker doesn’t put up with that!

Back to the recycle pile to help future grows!


Well, my table is missing the Quad now, but these are the latest pics…

The pictures that @Budbrother posted of the table plants are more recent than what I have, so I will move on to the rest.

OG Kush1…

I decided to drop a screen on her because the branches are so thin. I figured it would help support the buds that form.

Amnesia Haze…

She looks rough, but she’s actually better than she was. I’m battling pH with her.

Super Silver Haze, via @Bogleg

Thanks, Brother! I’m really looking forward to tasting her!

My Sour Diesel…

I decided I wanted some longer colas, so I’ve stopped tucking her. Did some leaf pruning before she enters flower and cleared some under her skirt…

Bruce Banner…

Poor thing went through Hell and is still kicking! I’m really impressed with how hardy she is!

My most recent shot of my OG Kush runt is actually a photobomb of the Super Silver Haze…

That’s her in the back weaved into the fence.

Well, this post only took 1/4 of my battery power! Lol


Looking good. Sorry about the male, shim happens


Looking good bro!