FloridaSon's 2018 madness


Hey brother, I more than understand the smoking piece. I had 2 strokes 4/2016 and quit. 6 months of therapy and a vape kit worked for a while. Went back to work and I was at a pack a day again. I just enjoy smoking, it was always a reason to remove myself for 5” to collect my thoughts and walk back inside ready to kick ass and take names! After another stroke followed my carotid surgery 8/2017, I am done!!! Right on with smoking to supplement, only when the 14 meds don’t do the trick!! Being retired/disables at 40 sucks but at least I’m alive to bitch about it!!

Good luck!


@FloridaSon good luck quiting brother. I’m at 2 packs a day. Tried Chantrix and it wasn’t good. Tried cold turkey and wifey said your unbearable…start smoking again. It’s $88 a carton here in CA and I know I need to stop…but it’s hard. Heck, I’ve quit quiting a few times.

May your girls will so big and budalicious that you’ll be too busy to think about anything else :slight_smile:

Good luck to all and hope you are well @Strokeman!!!


@DaGoose That’s funny, my wife said the very same thing (she went out and got me a carton once).

@FloridaSon hope you are wlll my friend,


Funny! My wife keeps getting cigarettes and she is actually the one that wants to quit!

I have been able to greatly reduce the amount I smoke per day, but still trying to fully quit. If that woman would just let me sulk, I believe I could break the addiction, if not the habit.

She doesn’t deal well with me being unhappy and quiet at the same time. Damn woman thinks she can fix things, but this isn’t something to give into if it’s gonna work.

Thank you for asking


That is what I’m waiting for. If I can grow enough to smoke when ever I want I will quit smoking cigs


It’s a battle!

BTW…welcome to the forum!


I second the welcome, @outdoorsforlife!

I quit cigarettes using nicotine patches @FloridaSon. The cheap Walmart brand sticks better than the name brand ones, too. They’re about half the cost of cigarettes, and in about two months, you’ll be off nicotine forever.

Btw, great recovery on that runt!


I never give up on them unless they’re dead! Lol

Epidermal treatments aren’t good for me due to excessive sweating. Can release the ingredients too quickly and lead to over dosage.

I tried the patches back in the 90s shortly after they came out. They were ineffective for me and I found myself smoking while still wearing the patch.

Once the headaches started, I quit the patch…


Eeek, that’s scary. Glad you figured that one out the not so hard way!


Lol…I’m a simple man, but I ain’t stupid!


I quit after 40 years but you must be ready to quit in your head first. I did it by the math kept telling myself for the 300 a month I could be driving a new car. But it took me months to prepare myself mentally first


Thanks for the welcome, there is defiantly a mental aspect to quitting. The key is to never quit trying.


Hey @Sasquatch ? You got a shout out on YouTube! Lmao


Oh lordy LMAO


Paid a visit to @FloridaSon grow. Due to his internet issues, I will post some update pictures for him.

First up, Sherbert Cookies

This is the first unknown

The second unknown. This one has us both stumped. Sulfur Deficiency has been suggested.

Can anyone help here? Yellow veins, that’s new to me. Usually it goes the other way :upside_down_face:

I didn’t get them all, but I did see the rest. Doesn’t help y’all out, but common, we all could use an update already :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for your help today brother.


@FloridaSon have you guys considered the possibility of maybe a magnesium deficiency? The good news there is that Epsom salts should counter either. The only other issue I’ve seen make funky veins was iron, but they were like bright green.


He’s using Epsom and my first thought was Iron def. He said he was gonna add some rusty nails into it. Someone else suggested sulphur as a possibility. We shall see if iron, being immobile an all


Sulphur content is pretty high in Epsom salts, unless it locked out due to ph or something? Do the rusty nails legit cover deficiencies?


Takes a bit of time. I found that rusty nail left in you water over night then foliar spray. Works like a champ


Ain’t that something!

I was thinking after I posted, is this a plant that got a milk mixture treatment do you know? Milk is high in iron right, I’m wondering if maybe it couldn’t be caused from excess iron if that’s the case?

Guessing really, have never seen anything like it before either.