FloridaSon's 2018 madness


Tripped me out the first time I heard them test the sirens over there while building a stilt house.

The damned deer flies were Hell until you learn how to easily kill them…


First time I heard it I was in crystal river, framing a house and they let off. I thought there was a meltdown… Hahaha. Deer flies? Those are nothing compared to the no-see-ums.


Hahahaa meltdown. I can live with horseflies but them no see ums are f🤬 nasty


Yeah. They are. I get them so bad at my house during the warm winter days, spring and fall. Sometimes going outside for a smoke is unbearable.


that’s not spinach… Although tonight after a few cookies I may be speaking like Popeye!


I see they let you out of the corner. LMAO


Your SC…


That’s Budbrother’s Sherbert Cookies in the foreground. A closer shot…

The unknowns…

OG Kush1 with the TMV…

Eve. Can’t keep her down…

I think this is a cal/mag issue so I through down a little Epsom salt and dolomite lime…

Shouldn’t be much longer to verify sex…

Bogleg’s Super Silver Haze…

My Amnesia Haze looks to be in the low pH range. I say this without a meter because she looks like she is starving even though she’s being fed like the rest…

I’m thinking of letting her and Sour Diesel just finish coming up now instead of continuing to spread them out.

Bruce Banner is coming back from a massive insect attack…

So I have this…

Instead of…

I like this…

Much better!

Finally OG Kush runt…

Trying to quit cigarettes. This shit sucks!


Plants look good brother! Hopefully you can drop the smokes too.


Looking good :+1:t3: there buddy. I :heart:️ Bruce :grin:


They all seem to be doing really well. You’re right about the Cal Mag, she has a calcium deficiency… good eye! I also see some magnesium deficiency on your Amnesia Haze.


Looking good @FloridaSon keep up the good work buddy


She also got some Epsom and lime.


Thank you. Well, this hasn’t been my year for clones. I’ll keep fighting the curse in this yard and get things turned around.


Hope it work out for you buddy


Good things come…


Hey Your back
Looking Really Good Bud
I’m Losing So much to Mold,Not even Funny


I quit my 20 year Copenhagen habit by switching to a vaporizer. As long as you don’t care about looking like a d-bag it is a viable option.


Yup my time in the corner is over @Rick3


I don’t really care about what I look like, but I have to just quit. I hit my bowl when I can’t fight the urge anymore. Needless to say, I’ve been pretty baked for the last few days.

The problem is that I really don’t want to quit. I can’t afford it anymore, so reality states I have to quit or live my life in a constant state of withdraw scrambling for that next cigarette.

Their plan to get rid of smokers by making it too expensive has finally caught up to me. Sure, my body should gain health, but that’s never been the point for me. I enjoy smoking.

Cold turkey is how I have to go. I knew this day was coming 5 years ago. Denial is a helluva thing! When my gout kept me from keeping a job, I should have just quit then. Lack of income has finally caught up, that’s all.