FloridaSon's 2018 madness


Done and done @FloridaSon @pigSquishy


Bud I’ve tried to call you 3-4 time’s and say’s “Your Not Available”
I’m Doing some grilling but call when you get a Chance


I don’t remember if he did… He would be best sending me another email again, for me it’s like a year plus of my life is simply missing as if I was asleep and it never happened. Perhaps I should send him an message on here and see if he remembers what he wanted to talk to me about. I can’t seem to figure out how to message him here, my email is still the same at google if he wants to find me.

@Hogmaster I fail to understand your comment “Done and done” at me and FloridaSon; I assume I am missing something here, but I honestly fail to understand it. Just need clarification on if I am missing something important here.


I bumped you to member


Thank You!


My prepaid phone plan ran out. I’m only here right now on a very weak WiFi signal. I’m hoping to re-up today, but I have to make sure the animals have enough food for two weeks before I can do it.


Not a Problem Bud,


He seems to have lost it I believe. I was hoping it was still in your account.

A member in the Lab thinks he may have found your email, but I didn’t know if your recovery was to the point that you were ready for us to reach out privately.

I remember how important privacy and security were for you. I will try the address I was given. I’m really excited to have you back!

Yeah, I had asked @Hogmaster to restore your previous status. Thanks Hog!


Oh, I forgot. Private messages were disabled over here except for mods. Stupid, but that’s the way it is now.


Well I can finally say I am close to being the person I once was, got a few quirks to me that I didn’t have before the severe brain injury, but as the Dr always points out “at least I am still alive”. You and Mac can reach out to me in email, that isn’t an issue for me. I am trying to come up with a way of posting a way to find me and get ahold of me that doesn’t violate the TOS here somehow.


Well I created a new email at yahoo, which is just “my name” on here and added it as a Link on my profile and then was trying to find (on my profile here) it so you and Mac could message me by me just saying to ‘look at the link on my profile’. But I was unable to find it anywhere on my profile, instead I found some other things. I sincerely hope that this doesn’t violate any TOS here. I did note that I got message’s saying "my posts were flagged, blocked and removed as “inappropriate” and was even given a warning. I do not know who to talk to about this, what I did wrong, etc… any ideas of who I would need to go talk to about this? Maybe Mac or you could help fill in some of the blanks for me in email.

I don’t care if Mac messages me at my email on file or the new one, it would just be nice to speak with you both.


I think @Majiktoker sent the email address he had to @MacGyverStoner so he can reach out to you.

I will try what you have suggested.


Anyone who wants to reach out to me is welcome to; MacGyverStoner got a hold of me and we were able to speak today.


Real small world @Oldstoner and @Budbrother. I live in citrus county.


It sure is @Stoneythetiger420 When I was a lot younger I met a girl in Denver on vacation and 3 months later back home in florida saw her at Busch Gardens in line and we spent about 2 years as pen pals . Back when that actually required paper ink and the post office. Nice to meet you


Nice to meet you too brother. I met a guy in nc that grew up in the same neighborhood as me here in Florida. But it was the side of block I wasn’t aloud at.


@Stoneythetiger420 I live in Citrus county too, Homosassa to be exact
Nice to Meet another grower down here


@Rick3 no shit… I just fished out in ozello Saturday. Nice to meet you brother


Not all that far from me, Maybe 15-20min South of there, It would be faster if when they built road’s down here they’d be Straight
Great to meet you too


But who don’t like a long and winding road? Lol. I love ozello.