FloridaSon's 2018 madness


By the way, I found your lighter…




The ribs were a success. Fell right of the bones, so she had no complaints about “eating meat on a bone.” Funny to see, she still used a fork to eat them.

BTW I’m broke so save that Bic for our next meet up :joy:


@FloridaSon @Budbrother @Oldstoner
We have More FL People now? Crap’ Gonna Have to Get A Much bigger pool now
FloridaSon You’ll Partying without me Again,
I’d Rather be There then Here
I Have been emptied 4 Storage Units, So F-IN Sore


@Rick3 not any more . I was born in Clearwater and grew up on Mad Beach and spent most of my life on a boat until I moved to up state New York for 3 years and now live on the edge of the Shenandoah Valley the next move is to North Carolina on the side of a big hill


Good to Meet You


If you follow BotM on here, then ya already know his weed :rofl::crazy_face::laughing:

Please tell me @Oldstoner you’re on the East side of that hill or it has some good sun.


Never seen BOM? I Think IDK, Sometimes read when stoned so Forget LOL
Oh See It Now bud of month


Bud of the month


Evening @Budbrother Im on the east of the Blue ridge just barely . Im in the foot hills . The sun is a beast where I am but since I grow indoors that doesn’t matter . When we move to North Carolina they are a medically legal state and I am so looking forward to trying to grow a giant


I got a severe brain injury and couldn’t even tie my own shoes for the next year, much less remember anything about myself, my life, etc… So I did disappear and it took a full year for my brain swelling to go down and I am finally just now getting back to remembering things. Hence why I just disappeared from everything, everywhere… I didn’t even know I was even missed. So thank you for remembering me :smiley:


Hell yeah, Brother!!! So glad to see you again!

I have missed a lot of time here as well, but thankfully it is just connection issues and not the Hell you must have been through!

I thank God you’re still with us! Are you fully functional again or are there lingering effects?

Trust me, I’m not the only one that remembers you! @bob31 has been MIA as well. There are many new people here since you’ve been gone. I can’t keep up anymore, so I mostly just respond to tags now.

What about your Lab membership?


@Hogmaster could you adjust pig’s status? I think he clearly proved his skills when he was here before.


Hi @pigSquishy! I’m a newbie since you left. Welcome back!!! Looking forward to your posts. Great peeps here eh?


Glad you’re getting better, and pleased to have you back!


you, @pigSquishy have been missed…welcome back and happy anniversary!

now to bring @Niala around again…you’d like him Pigsquishy.


Wow - holy shit… glad to see you are still here with us, @pigSquishy. Hope your road to recovery is fast and flat now!


I believe they’ve already met, but I could be mistaken.


@pigSquishy welcome back, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your posts while you were gone. We’ve never “met”, but I’ve read a lot of what you posted. Thanks!
I hope your road to recovery is much faster now.


@pigSquishy I was told that MacG sent you an email and was wondering if you remember it? If so, he would like to speak with you again.