FloridaSon's 2018 madness


I just dropped a couple C99 seeds myself! Glad to see someone else planning to grow it.


It will be nice to see you go first. I’m saving my final one for outdoor next season.


I heard that you were almost intimidated yesterday :joy: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:




Arms outstretched heading your way until you knew it was my proxy hugger :rofl:


@FloridaSon I hope Cindy is good to you! The blueberry is hard to beat…wanna party with you sometime somewhere bro!!!


:boom: Happy Independence Day :boom: Everybody on this side of the pond. :rofl::joy:

Been steady smokin’ since 4am, F🤬k I’m baked!!


@Strokeman lol I lived in sportsmans haven in Inverness and my sister watched a horse farm in Bushnell for a couple years . This would have been late 60s early 70s. The owners were out of the country and she lived there free and kept up on the place . Have you ever been to the old lime quarry in the national forrest for a swim ? Wow hadn’t thought of that place in a minute


Hell yeah, I goto the cliffs!! Not to far at all.


Small world huh brother?


Right :rofl: Back in the 80’s I was constantly in Inverness to visit my GM


Is the cable swing still up ? I knew the rednecks who climbed out and put that up . Crazy sob


They have two now. One just a rope and the higher up one has Old bicycle handlebars


Looking good there my friend


Oh no by the 80s I was getting rid of the first wife and only spent about 1 out of 5 or 6 weeks on shore I was a third gen commercial fishermen


Got ate up by red ants there one time . Actually gave me the shivers and throw up . Jaxked me up for a couple of days , I had something like 56 bites


Not intimidating, but did catch me off guard.


It’s rare for me to leave my county, but I’d love to smoke with you! I don’t really party anymore, but enjoy sharing smoke with others that appreciate it as much as I do.

Springs lure me from home quicker than anything…


I spent a wild sexy romp with a girl in a shroom field one time. Didn’t realize I had rolled my back onto an ant mound! I felt something going on, but was more interested with what was on top.

My entire back was covered in bites! A friend of mine tripped when she saw it, but had no sympathy because I left her at a party to go to the field!

Paybacks were definitely a bitch!..


So what did your mom think about ribs done the right way? Lol