FloridaSon's 2018 madness


I expect you will hit Orlando. I’m only a 30minute drive from I-75! Should have some to share, depending on when y’all come through.

Give me a heads up before and I’ll make some brownies!


No worries it’ll be a bit. Moving is expensive don’t forget. :open_mouth:


Stoner moment, ya know! Yeah, hopefully I can show you a working indoor setup by the time you’re able! Lol


Hahahaha so true brother

i love what you have going on
Looks like you got your hands full
I love the multiple scrog screens you have going


Very awesome my friend looks outstanding


I can do that if you can’t


Great update my friend!


@FloridaSon Your girls are looking awesome bro! Love the scrog…the stems are super beefy too.

It’s gonna be a nice haul come October :slight_smile:


@FloridaSon looking real good!


@Rick3 are you around?


Signal sucks, so I’m only showing significant changes today…

The two unknown are all that’s left on the table…

Bruce Banner is in the ground…

Well, no more pictures will load! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


If you can try cropping some photos down & see if they load easier. I’ve done that on most of mine and it’s worked for me. :hugs:


Cropping is the only way I load them. Signal strength is the problem.

Thanks, Belle!


Trying again with Bruce Banner in the ground…

Super Silver Haze in the ground…

The unknown named Eve…

Was getting a little too tall since the neighbor’s wife moved back in. Mouthy :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: !

So I went to work…

Yeah, it’s fine. Two days later…

@Rick3 can you follow the tags? If you can, you’ll find me. Take 1 leave one…


I kinda figured you were but just in case I figured I’d mention it. My “daughter” installed a booster for her internet/cell and it seems to have helped at her house. But the darn thing was pretty pricey.


Man I wish someone would have some good luck with the Bruce Banner, because I sure haven’t…out of 10 seeds all I got to show for it is one plant and it’s a clone! I have seen so many people tell horrific stories about this strain…


My brother in law has one that he said is about 4ft. I actually need to go look at it.

My cat hurt Bruce pretty bad with the decapitation. I’m actually impressed with how she has come back. I’m pretty sure she would have been much better off had she not needed to come up with a whole new set of roots after sprouting.

I have two more for next season…


Hey Bud
Had some Health issue’s, But still here, Loosing crap loads of bud’s from Rain and Mold’Been raining for 2 weeks now


Thanks for the tour of your gals today @FloridaSon. People, it looks even better in person. He’s not kidding about the cell signal either! Holy s🤬t, I have a whole new perspective on his struggles.

I can’t forget about the seeds. No more males in the mix. I even got some to take home, after the sorting was done. I got way more that I gave. Among the top seeds, Cinderella ‘99 & Gold Leaf, both were on my grow list. Thanks for helping me acquire them and a male SD seed. It never hurts to make some more SD, OR OR Can you say, Sour Durban Diesel hehee.

Thank your wife for putting up with me. Great Woman ya got there :sunglasses:


Just packed a bowl of your blueberry sample.

Tastes great!

  • YUP I’m Hiigh f’sho