FloridaSon's 2018 madness


@FloridaSon your girls are gonna go off when the weather gets better! While your at, can you get rid of the bugs after fixing the weather…start with no seeums first…


I had to cover them from the storm that followed that post! I’m really surprised she is doing as well as she is. I still haven’t been able to get the soil to dry!

I keep expecting to go out in the morning to find her rotting under some mushrooms, and not the kind I want! Lol

I’ve started covering them with that bid the seeds are in when I know rain is coming. I also cover them at night in case rain comes while sleeping.

I’m thinking she will take off quicker if I can just get that soil to dry! Making me think of trying a pure perlite grow!!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

BTW, the two seeds have sprouted this morning. Service won’t let me upload, but I’ll post pictures as soon as I can.

Hey, Brother, I need a tag back into your topic. It’s lost in my 100+ unread topics. Will make sure it’s set to watch like I thought it was.

Will catch up later. Service is pissing me off…



If I could do that I’d have enough money that you wouldn’t have to work anymore either!!!

I’m torn about the weather. All this rain sure can be an inconvenience, but we damn sure need it for our water table! I keep seeing the water trucks leaving from Silver Springs and keep thinking we need more rain.

Cursed biting bugs…


Thanks for your kindness , I used 4 different souls , my problem was it rained for a solid month every day and hardly any sunshine. They are all doing fine now except for the SS Autos, 80% of them flowered at 3 inches , they really was no reason to put them in bigger pots until the rain stopped , when it stopped I put them in 2 gallon pots . They are just way too small .


No problem! I am always around here some where and will always be ready to help, never hesitate. After all we are all in this together! @david81457


Your Special! , Thanks Again !


Naw! Just love to see people succeed with their growing! But thank you anyway. Check out my journals and you can see my outdoor grows and harvest and learn about who I am and what I am all about as far as growing! and then start yours! @david81457


@FloridaSon you hogging all the rain again, how have you been, busy with the grandchildren? We super dry down here


. All is not lost , the Berry’s took off a little, and getting fat !


I am out of likes. They look great and if you want give them some Super Thrive, it will help with shock and also help root development. @david81457



You have more than one in a pot? are you going to separate them? their root systems are gigantic and they need a lot of room. @david81457 Check these out one is from a 5 gal. pot and one from a 3 gal pot.

the 5 gal pot with just one plant.

3 gal. pot

Do you have a space or stealth issue? If not get some 3 gal or those e gal buckets fro home depot make sure to drill at least 25-30 drain holes if the bucket. The 3 gals are nursery pots.


Wow ! That’s crazy , yes indeed I’ll separate! From that little plant all of those roots ? Unbelievable!


Yes! Get them separated and pick up some Super Thrive. You only need the smallest size because you use so little Walmart is the cheapest. Use it after after you transplant and for a few days afterwards when you water. It isn’t food it’s vitamins that help prevent transplant shock. keep them out of the full sun for a day or two because it is starting to warm up, here at least! They should do okay if you get it done soon as they are getting bigger! You will do just fine. So slow down, don’t panic, take a deep breath and we will get you through this, my friend. Now before you do anything you are not sure about ask first then act. @david81457


My oldest granddaughter just left, actually! Lol she brought over the new baby for my wife’s best friend to meet.

I would love to share some rain with you, but water transport is pricey! Lol


It’s been so dry out here, when we milk our cows, we get powdered milk. That’s awsome enjoy your family time. Boy they grow so quickly, we only have a daughter she’s 15, could have any more wife had cervical cancer, but oh well, I’m Gona wait and maybe some day I will be blessed with some grandkids in the future.


Been awhile, huh? Stupid cell service!

Here you go @Countryboyjvd1971 @Hogmaster
You know you can’t have one without the other, CB! Lmao

Table is doing ok. I need to get both the Bruce Banner and the Super Silver Haze in the ground!


SSH…thanks @Bogleg

The two baby unknowns…

Did you see the topper?

OG Kush…

Stupid TMV!

Yeah, I had trim mania! Don’t worry, y’all will see the changes!

All her growth energy can now just provide these few branches…

I opened up the unknown in the ground…

She smells just like grapefruit! Hell yeah! Now I just need to verify sex…

Through the branches…

Amnesia Haze…lol…

Please excuse the screen and everything about it! It was a rush job with scavenged material…

I was trying to beat a storm that was building up and for some reason, I can’t see straight lines with my naked eye. I would like to show you a canopy level shot, but that’s impossible with this shabby job…

The 1x1 screen sucks for initial placement. It will also suck when I have to pull unwanted weeds. My plan is to tie down from the top, so I don’t have to worry about tucking…

Sour Diesel is a bit different. @Budbrother saw one of the changes, but this is new to him as well…

I did a little more than tuck her, Brother! Like I said, I experienced a little cut mania…

The 2x4 is a little better for tucking, but I think I will tie her to the top also…

I just watered them this morning from the worm bed with a large aloe leaf this morning. Mixed it the way @Mrcrabs had mentioned…

Not much of a skirt, but “Look Ma! No panties!!”…

Finally, OG Kush runt…

I don’t know what to tell you…

Won’t be much, but I bet the punch is better than her bigger sister…

@Rick3 I wish I hadn’t gotten that TMV! I would have loved to been able to give you some clones! Hopefully I can keep it under control for next year.

I hope everything is ok @Niala !

@BIGE any word about @bob31 ?

Thank you, everyone, for stopping by. The virus has me so blah this year that I wouldn’t even bother posting anymore here if y’all weren’t able to benefit somehow from watching this miserable grow.

Thanks for hanging on with me…


The SSH looks awesome! Everything looks green and healthy - thanks for sharing!


Everything looks right on track @FloridaSon love to hang with you anytime. Your garden always looks good.
Someday I might make the drive that way… I think I’ve convinced Mrs. Covertgrower to vacation that way sometime.


Thank YOU for sharing!