FloridaSon's 2018 madness


That Sucks cuz i have to jump fence was trying to not make a Path


Pick multiple entry points and switch each time you enter. Never come out the same way you go in.


I Have to use 2 step ladder’s to get there, Them stupid dam vine’s is my problem


I completely understand how your mindset was when working on a roof with a torch, or hot tar system. I am a fool because I take things for face value. My Dad told me to get a profession where people look up to you. He was referring to a Dr., Scientist, ect. I worked on a roof, and the customers looked up. I found my profession! Just Kidding!!! I studied Psychology at the University, but I couldn’t listen to people’s problems all Day. Secondly, it would be like a blind man leading the blind. In conclusion, It’s the one occupation in this miserable heat where one can be somewhat content with the money earned in a week because it takes crazy individual’s just to get up the ladder to earn. I am federally disabled, so I supplement my income doing roof repair to keep my finances moving in the correct direction. You seem to be a cool cat, and one day we will meet up. My sister teaches at a University in the proximity of your part of the state, so we shall meet at some point. Try to keep the stressors down today, S.F.Swamp


I look forward to the day.


I see there is still a profile, so…

WHERE YOU AT @pigSquishy ???



@Paranorman ? @bob31 ?

Miss y’all…


I OI’m just putting in a mixed pack of auto flowering seeds, blueberry , etc., I’m growing outside and I’m just getting ready to put my germinated plants into pots . What size pots should I use ?? Also, I’m wondering if it’s cool to use all potting soil to fill up the pots with ?? I’m just getting started on this forum also , so give me a break please .


Well hello! and welcome!! You have just came to the best growing site there is and I am happy that you are here and you are welcome to pick my brain anytime! I love to teach so let’s get at this:)

I have used both the 5 gal buckets and the 3 gal buckets and did well in both. If you use the buckets make sure to drill 20-30 good size drain holes. The 3 gal were nursery pots. As far as soil, what are you thinking about using? and how many plants? If you can get another brand organic, ie Nature’s Care, and mix the 2 it kinda balances each other out. I also add a generous handful or more to the soil mix. It helps keep the soil from binding up and not able to hold moisture. Now don’t be asking for a break, only if it’s time for a bowl full! Please come on in and pull up a chair, coffee’s on the stove and let’s do this together. Have you seen my grow journals? check them out and you can see what I am all about. Happy learning and growing.


@david81457 I forgot yes you can fill them to the brim


Welcome to the forum. She’s got you covered…


I add gypsum to the soil, sorry enjoying my winter grow! @david81457


Welcome to the place of cool people that are willing to help, and very knowledgeable. Highcountrygal has you covered, so follow her advice especially filling the soil up. It will drop over time to several variables. Have a great Evening


Thank you. !


I am out of likes. Keep in touch and keep us up to date! @david81457


Been awhile. Some things have changed, but most seems the same.

Super Silver Haze sprout and Bruce Banner “clone”…

OG Kush…

The unknown I put in the ground…

Amnesia Haze…

Best grower this season, so here is another shot…

Sour Diesel is finally coming around and going back into veg on the side that was flowering. Stubborn girl…

And OG Kush runt…

Finally getting to grow instead of fighting for survival.

Still hard to be excited about this grow. Something is better than nothing, but knowing this grow will struggle to produce anything almost makes it a chore to continue.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be greatful for every bowl I smoke from it, just disappointed knowing what could have been.

We take the good and the bad if we wanna play…


You never know. These are photos right? So you can grow them till you are ready to flip. They just may surprise you.


Looking good brother, I always try finding the good side of bad. Keep us updatrd


Lol…I’m ready to flip as soon as the Sun let’s me! I still have about two months before they get to flower.


Everything is looking wonderful there, despite the TMV. The “clone” is looking much happier now. All this rain, luck nothing floated away lol