FloridaSon's 2018 madness


@FloridaSon I grew up In Seffner/ Brandon and my dad had a cabin on the south end of the national forest in Ocala that we visited all the time. Small word, lots of good times! We lived in Bushnell for a number of years on a cattle farm.

Florida is a great place (tough at times) to grow outdoors. I’ve had many various gardens that did quite well there.

Thanks for all the updates and invaluable info for all us new peeps!! Keep it coming!



Lol…Bushnell. Yeah. Been there. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I was in SCI '87-'88. Needless to say, I’m not a big fan of the area! LMAO

It would take an act of God to get me to leave here. The muggy heat is miserable, to say the least, but our springs help make up for it.

The bitting bugs are real bad again with all this rain. Lol…you’ve lived here, so you know the yellow fly dance! Stealth fighters is what they are! At least you can feel the deer fly hit and kill the before they bite.

Wanna know the trick to killing them? Let them land, wait for them to settle. When you see them begin to lower their head to bite, slap the s#it out of it! They are committed once the head begins to lower.

Good ol’ Summer slap yourself dance…


@FloridaSon I thought the same but after living up north for 20 yrs it will feel good to be a snow bird in a few years. I have sooo much more land access down there compared to up here.

Fire ants, love bugs, no see ums, snakes and mosquitos make Florida what it is, a great growing backdrop!

Great talking with you but it’s time to check on the girls this morning!

Have a great day!



@Budbrother @Rick3 I may be headed to Rock Springs at Kelly Park in Apopka tomorrow with my son and his family.

I will know for sure in the morning, but as of now, I will be there. @S.FloridaSwampman I didn’t forget about you, but didn’t know if you would be willing to travel that far.

@Fl.growr , I don’t remember what area you are from, but if you’re also interested…

I know there are some more, but can’t remember the names. All are welcomed to meet, but I only tagged those I could recall. If y’all can remember the others, please feel free to let them know as well.


I’ll be there in spirit :grin: I hope you all get to meet up & I’m looking forward to pics.


Shoot when I get Pool Ready we can Come here for pool Party


Hope you can meet up tomorrow @FloridaSon . I’ll be thinking of you all. Be sure and let us know if you get together


Since you asked how to use honey for cloning, thought you may like this video.


That Video is Sweet (Pun intended)


What’s up Brother?
you going there today? We are getting nailed with rain right now,
it’s 1h 46min from me to there


It was nice until around 1pm. Rained for about 30mins and then was gone. The Sun never really came back out, but it was nice to be at clean running water…

I didn’t get any pictures of the beginning of the run, which starts at a cave entrance they have barred from entering. The first 1/4 of the run has many rocks near to the surface, but was still nice.

They have a max capacity limit, so you need to go early, if you want in. We got there 30mins after opening at 8am and they were already half way to max.

I didn’t find anything deep enough that I couldn’t stand in. Most is waist deep water with only a few spots to the neck.

Bad news? Way too many staff constantly on the move. Even an Orange County sheriff’s deputy on site. Not easy to burn fire without drawing attention. I mean we blazed, but it was unnerving a few times with Bubblegum Kush wafting through the air! Lol

Overall, it was a nice trip, but it won’t make my list of favorite springs…


Thanks for the invite, but I was down for the count. I felt like I was pummeled by Mike Tyson, for 12 rounds. I got a stomache virus, and couldn’t hold down fluids. I am in the construction industry, and came close to a heat stroke. I finally feel better, yet next meet up I would like to smoke out our different strains. I have blackberry that’s looking good. Have a good Day.


I’ve suffered a few heat strokes hanging drywall. Happens even quicker after the first one, so pay close attention out there!

We all know water water water, but sometimes you just can’t drink enough in our conditions…


You hit the nail on the head! The humidity, and applying torchdown with a 1,800 degree flame, can bite one no matter how much fluid one consumes when a rain storm is closing in on a roof that’s exposed. I pushed myself to the limit, so their ceiling didn’t collapse from an open roof. I was able to dry it in, so it all worked out in the end. Have a good Evening


Yeah, that torch down is rough. I’ve only done two, a hotel and a school, but that was some miserable work in the Summer!

From what I understand, a hot mop is even worse, but thankfully I never experienced that type of roof!

Lol…it’s 100 degrees outside! Why the he’ll am I getting chills?? I don’t miss those days…


Goodmoring buddy, I’ve had my fair share of encounters with heat exhaustion, down to taking off all my PPE, laying under a tree with the water hose blasting, cramps and headaches, whooo wheeee, outdoor working ain’t easy, but someone has to do it, haha stay fresh my friends.


It’s just different here in Florida, I Used to wok in an Aluminium Foundry, was in Maintenance, Dam Blast furnace was 1800 degrees, way before OSHA I’d be 2 stories up walking and then sitting on I-Beams over the furnace,to fix belts, Had a New guy working with me,told him not put steel cover on yet,Dude hit me right in the Head with a pry bar. I finish job climed down all i got see was Red in my right eye, Couldn’t blink come to find out your blinking muscle is under your eye Brow, 8 stitches to close it up, Work there 7 yrs
Moved here 5yrs ago and have had Heat stroke 4 time’s now

Well Son of a Bucket,Just got pool clean step’s in and we have a Monsoon going on right now


From the look and sounds of things we are about to get nailed too! Was bright and clear about an hour ago, thought it was going to be nice today, but maybe after the storm passes.

As quickly as it got dark here, it must be a fast mover, so hopefully it won’t wash you out. At least I don’t have to worry about the lights going out since Bruce is back outside…

This has showed me just how much a plant lacks under artificial light. Some plants turn colors based on light spectrums to make the most out of the light they get. She was darker inside, trying to absorb all she could. Now she’s lighter because she doesn’t need any help under the real thing!

Stay dry, Brother…


Bro It’s a Monsoon Here, Thunder is rattling House
I hope me outside plant’s can Take it


Will be stronger if they make it!

Conditions like this will make it necessary for you to support them later as they get bigger. Once they get heavy with buds you have to have them netted or loosely tied to keep branches from breaking.

Don’t forget, once they get thick with buds you will have to shake the excess water off the buds. Will lead to rot if you don’t.

Sucks that our rainy season is near harvest times…