FloridaSon's 2018 madness


Great news @FloridaSon glad to hear it.


@FloridaSon Congrats Great, Great! grandpa!


Awesome news @FloridaSon


@FloridaSon :beers: cheers buddy, Congrats grand papa :mage:Better get all that fishing gear ready for him it won’t be long :grin:


I’m not much into fishing, but I’ll make sure he can drop a deer on the spot! Lol


Well I guess I’ll have to figure out how and when I can come down and I’ll teach him to fish :grin:


@FloridaSon I totally guessed on fishing, get him on that .22 squirrel gun :thinking:I think Florida, surrounded by water and giant marlins but lots of deer in those rain forests.

No worries there, the hunting and fishing are on the same side of the store @SmoknGranny


I used to hunt also and taught Hunters Education for 7 years in Florida :blush: I’d rather teach the little guy to fish as it would be a lot easier on my old bones :grin:
And I know where the gear is for both at the stores :+1: although it’s been a while since I’ve been to Bass Pro and Cabelas :slightly_frowning_face:


I love to fish! I used to go deep sea fishing all the time and lake fishing as well. I worked PM’s so I would get up early go to my best lake catch my limit of trout, clean them there and put each fish along with a slice of onion and lemon in a zip lock baggie and take fresh fish to work for dinner!


Funny story. I finally got to go shark fishing many years ago. Five of us pitched in for a private charter and anticipations were high. We arrived at the docks bright and early and … no Captain :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: No cellphones back then. After about an hour the guy shows up hungover and not prepared. After another half hour he refunded half our money and we agreed to go ahead with the trip. Things started out pretty good but the further out we got the sicker I got :face_vomiting: which I had never done before. So they gave me some Dramamine & I laid down to wait for it to work and promptly fell fast asleep :sleeping: By the time I woke up we were back to the marina and I had missed the whole dang day :expressionless: Most expensive fishing trip I ever took & came home empty handed :weary:


@SmoknGranny LMAO It’s not funny when it’s you! I would go out usually 1/2 day - 3/4 day boats and I would be the only woman and could feel the snide remakes being made. So there is this channel that the boats have to get through and could be a little rough at times, this is when I got my pay back I’m yellin’ ‘faster, higher’ just enjoying the thrill while at least 1/2 of the men were so seasick they didn’t say much more. I would always catch stuff when they didn’t! You couldn’t put me in a boat anywhere near the ocean now, I’ve watched too many of the Nature shows and shows about angry oceans and it scares me even at the thought. Why I don’t know I grew up in the Pacific Ocean, I was part fish!


Yep. I was the only woman and two of the guys lost it before we ever got out of the marina from smelling the chum. Guess I shouldn’t have snickered as one got a nice shark that day while I snoozed through the whole event. :blush:
While I do miss the Gulf & the beaches I think I miss my pond in Missouri more. It was kinds nice to walk out the back door and toss a line.


I should be so lucky! @SmoknGranny I used to loved going to the few lakes we have getting a boat and put my line in the water grab my book n bowl and bob!


All this talking about fishing … I may have to buy a license but I know I won’t :grin:


I’ve been threatening to buy a small rod and reel but like you say ‘I won’t’ @SmoknGranny


Go on girls. God does not count mans time spent fishing.


Ok, here we are on the grow.

As you can see, the decapitated Bruce Banner has recovered well. Notice how dark her green is? I think the COBs did that to her, but I’m not certain.

The tall sprout is Super Silver Haze. I forgot about her on the fridge when the baby was born. She’s a Memorial day girl! I was actually surprised she made it after the damage from the mail sorter.

OG Kush…

I took the picture from the opposite side this time. Not much different to me.

Amnesia Haze…

Sorry about the blur. It was still a light drizzle outside and I didn’t notice until I came in about the blur. Fortunately, rain hit the lens as I was moving on, so I wiped it clear before moving to

Sour Diesel…

I pinched her flowering side to encourage her back into full veg…

OG Kush runt…

Unknown “Eve”, in the ground…

Yesterday I also noticed 2 new additions to the grow. These are two more Super Silver Haze that Bogleg gifted to me. Damaged in shipping, but 3/5 sprouted!

These next two didn’t look as good as the one in the small pot, so I just put them in the ground hoping.

There was one more that wasn’t completely smashed, but looked too damaged to be viable. I put it in the worm bed, but still nothing showing.

Today I will be feeding everything old enough to take it. I also need to do a final trim on the Blueberries and get them in a jar.

Hope y’all are well…


50/50 shot that the lil Bruce would survive. I’m glad your luck has returned some.


Congrats on the little one. You have a pretty cool garden going on there. Like how you have plants all over the place. It must be like an easter hunt every time you check on them :grin:


Well I remember whenever I was in high school we have all had guns in our back windows of our trucks in the parking lot never any issues

Funny, I was just telling my kids this very same thing last night! We never had any issues and knew who who we wanted on our side.