FloridaSon's 2018 madness


Hydro is easy in my opinion but you figure out easily what the problem is based off what is constant and what isn’t inconstant…


@FloridaSon Ya think?


Not much going on with the growing. Seedlings take so long to get going…

Poor little runt…

My youngest granddaughter had her 6th birthday party yesterday and I dropped off the other seedling to my son.

The main news today is putting the photos in soil after a 48hr soak. I don’t have a propagation mat, so they needed an extra day to crack the shell…

Now I’m just waiting on the grill for some wings and squash. We’ll have some fried mashed potato cakes and some marinated cucumbers also.

Not much going on, but there’s an update…


@FloridaSon Be careful of ‘hoverover’ ya know a watched pot never sprouts! Don’t cha just want to climb in there with them!


Lol…you don’t get it! I’m unable to get work because of chronic gout. I’m here at home all the time. What else could I do but hover?? Lmao

When I’m able to do anything, most of my time is spent outside. During my work, I pass by them all the time. How could I just walk right past my girls without saying hello??

I only look rude…:smiling_imp:


looking good brother!


Another day in paradise…


@FloridaSon I am retired, can’t walk, almost can’t drive so I am here 24/7 and I admit to ‘hoverover’ it’s a good thing! I, too am outside as much as possible which is usually all day and keep myself busy so I am not constantly touching, moving and examining every stem and flower, it’s hard to keep hands off. Rude? you are just stating fact, my friend.


Chow time!!..

Time to turn off the phone and enjoy the evening with my wife. See y’all next time…


YUM now I am hungry and all I get is broccoli:wink:


that’s some good lookin’ yard pimp!


Looks delish @FloridaSon.


I would like some opinions on a thought I had.

So I’m outside enjoying a beautiful day in the Sunshine state…

Looking at the hole I’m filling in with my abundance of oak leaves after burning a large stump…

And thought maybe I could put an OG Kush in there?

The hole is about 4’ diameter and around 3’ deep to the sand underneath. I’ve filled 3 times with leaves and let them burn down. Plenty of wood ash in there. Hmm…that would be great for potassium!

I have a 2yrs old compost pile. I know, better to go another year…

But it doesn’t look too bad…

And I could mix in a little from my worm bed…

Which is where much of the watering will originate…

Now that you know the thought, finally the questions…

Is that too much wood ash? I plan on turning the leaves you see into the ash below to incorporate it more evenly, but I’m concerned about too much ash being a problem.


I know more light is better so I wouldn’t expect this spot to produce as much as a sunnier location, but here would be her view in the morning…

Early and then mid afternoon…

And then the last of her day…

I have spots elsewhere that have better light during the day, but more light pollution at night.

I’m unable to use any of my locations last year due to projects going on in our battle to restore this property to what it was when she was a child.

I have a few days that I could wait before continuing on that hole to see thoughts on this idea. Now that I’m back to being able to do anything around the place after a 2 month flare, there are other things I could attend to for now.

I appreciate all input, but I would especially like to hear @garrigan65 chime in with his thoughts, being so experienced in soil mixing.

I accept all opinions…



Good to see you again ! What I have posted here is kinda sorta long but you need to know about this before you get started.
Mean while i will dig up one of my soil reciepes for ya and will post it here in a day or two unless you need it a.s.a.p.

Note: Bone Meal, Rock Phosphate, Wood Ashes pretty much all ashes, Shellfish Compost and Crab Meal are all alkaline and can make your ph go up, so if you add any of these please monitor your ph.
The pH scale runs from 1 to 11, with lower numbers being acidic and higher numbers being alkaline.
The cannabis plant prefers a pH environment of 5.5 to 6.5. When the pH environment rises in
alkalinity above 7.5, the roots are not able to consume the available iron, copper, zinc, manganese,
and boron ions in their vicinity, and when the pH lowers into acidity to less than 6 the roots
are not able to access phosphoric acid, calcium, and magnesium because they lose their solubility.
If the pH drops to between 5 to 3 with temperatures above 26 degrees Celsius fungal diseases become
a threat to the plant.
Growers of cannabis have praised the results of growing their crops in sandy loam soil, as the sand
encourages good drainage and allows the roots to easily grow, while the loamy soil is rich in
nutrients and holds water.

Gardens with inherent clay soils are usually rich in nutrients, but need to be amended to create
the conditions that will allow the plants to access those nutrients, as well as encourage roots to
easily penetrate that tight clay. Organic methods of amending alkaline clay soil can be as simple
as mixing leaves, chopped or ground pine needles, coffee grounds, and the contents of tea bags into
the soil, but remember that these organic methods should be done in advance. It would be optimal to
use this strategy of soil amendment starting the winter before planting to allow the amendments to
decay and compost, and settle into the soil, making their pH adjustments. A quicker adjustment is
made by mixing compost and sand into the soil.
One should remember, however, that since woodland soil is created by the process of decay of leaves,
bark, and other organic debris, the top soil that is involved in this process will tend towards
acidity. It is always best to conduct a simple pH test to determine the identity of the soil, and
one’s water as well.
Sandy soil will provide great drainage, but has no ability to hold nutrients, so gardeners must amend
this soil with a high quality compost to achieve the coveted sandy loam.


My Brother the encyclopedia! Lol

I’m in no rush. I can delay a few days. Wanted your opinion, though I appreciate the facts. :wink:


Not a problem brother. Just give me a holler and I have it ready for ya.

B Safe


Send it whenever you are able. I have time to wait, but as always, sooner is better…


I like ke what im reading and tou have the man with the recipe to assist :+1:
Cant wait to see this :wink:


Agreed @Countryboyjvd1971


Whats good buddy lol