Florida too hot for marijuana?


A question from a fellow grower:

South Florida is super hot in the summer and fall. What kind of pot is the best to keep the soil cool? Also are there particular strains that is able to thrive in extreme hot weather?

Would moving the plants to the shade in the summer help? Or will the lack of direct sunlight harm the buds (yield and quality) of the grow?


Plants adapt, but doing your best to control the temps as much as possible is recommended. Can you build a light frame in which to add a shade cloth over the plants?

Placing them in the shade is ok, but it should not be total shade. somewhere that has spotted shade as the Sun moves will allow different areas of the plant cool ass the Sunlight moves through the branches.

Sativa dominant pheno plants do better in a tropical environment.


I dont think this is an issue as latewood said they adapt. Here in Australia ive seen plants grow in extreme heat an thrive just need to keep the water up and you will be fine… Give Durban Poisen a go outdoors it will handle it and you wont be sorry.


I have a couple of mates that grow outdoors here in the top end of Australia with next to no problems in full sun from around 7am until around 5pm then they are in partial shade until the sun sets, it’s always hot here as im in the tropics and we only have 2 seasons wet/dry and it’s hot all year round even n the wet season it’s hot you sweat your guts out even when it’s pissing down with rain, so if plants grow well here you could adapt most plants to grow anywhere, what MacGyver said about the shade cloth sounds like a great idea!


Latewood said it, lol. He knows his stuff about outdoors growing and really big grows, greenhouses and such.


Lol as latewood said haha.
Yeah he knows heaps as do you but you both have different styles of growing latewood is more"old school"


I just want to add; It does not matter how you do it, as long as you do it consistently.

Transitioning into a commercial farmer opened all kinds of techniques and information that was viable to Cannabis, but not taught much. I was mentored by the State Field Rep for Kenya, and South African hydroponic farms. This is why I make my own nutrient solution for the Greenhouse, while I keep experiment with commercial products, in order to teach you all.

Once you have a farm and try to make a living growing food; You find that you need to know how to grow in soil, Organic or not. "Leaves do not know the difference between Nitrogen form a bag, or from a compost. (Rotello)

We do ebb and flow for seedlings, then transplant into a recirculating system; Or, a drip to waste system. We use the “fertigation method”, for row crops. this is the method of using drip tape under poly mulch, providing nutrients to the root zone.

Sorry, I got carried away. Might write an article for the Blog. :).