Florida Grow in the sand


We’ve got two small cold ftonts coming our way.

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@Stoney1 any questions alojg your journey dont hesitate to tag me … i grow in floridaUploading: 20190216_125302.jpg…

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Welcome @Stoney1 the above type of “discourse” is the not really our goal as a community, but we are tolerant of all opinions as long as they are communicated respectfully. The two posters in this thread dont seem to be getting along, i hope @S.FloridaSwampman can chill out because if not it doesnt seem like that person will get along well here. Fyi @S.FloridaSwampman i dont know why you have beef with @fano_man, but you definitely wouldnt be the first. But i have come to understand @fano_man, and hes an alright guy
Maybe something was miscommunicated.

Again welcome to our community @Stoney1 Im glad u have decided to visit. We have lots of resources and some of the most helpful, knowledgeable, and kind people from all over the world here.

Take a look around and feel free to tag me if you have any questions. I may not know the answer lol, but i can find people who will :+1:


Sorry @stoney1


TY… ALL GOOD here…trying to hone my skills…grew back in the 70’s and back then it was ALL outside and didn’t check Ph…usually grew along fence rows by the farmers field and along river. So now it is quite the venture…Thanks again didn’t ruffle my feathers

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Nor mine they rarely do feathers that it… anyway yea cut the question mark out and make a raised bed spend about 50 to 100 in good dird like a cubic yard or 2 of super soil from amazon i …look it up @garrigan can u link that for me buddy super soil