Florida Grow in the sand


We’ve got two small cold ftonts coming our way.


Out side in florida takes dedication amd quiet a bit of luck because only thing you can count on is the sun amd the moon …the weather men/wonen dont know anymore then i do when i look at a map i took weather classes kn highschool and can guess whats gonna happen better then the pretty face on tv lol anyway all that still dont mean shit because it can be 50 one day rainu akd 89 jext day sunny hot you know… its paradise lol… i recommend big pots if using outside so you can move if you have to and they are above all other vegetation at lower levels to avoid iguana and other plethora of out door pests in florida… so… start in big pots weather you fill bottom with clay pebble so you dont have to full a trash can with expensive dirt you only need a half of the cans worth of dirt and you will have potential to get monster plants with the extra root space if you time it right


Does the painters cloth act like a poncho for the stead fast fully budding inground rong place at the wrong time weed plant lmao :joy::joy::rofl::sweat_smile:
All joking aside your 100%right tho what do you do when you get a late hurricane in november and your just about there … never had that problem but i have lost plants and had to harvest early so it must be a shit feeling


Good Evening @fano_man, I hope your day went well, and your Night is better. You retorted with a little sarcasm, and I like sarcastic people because they can be hilarious. The Painters Cloth you inquired about is nothing you don’t know already, but let’s have fun since you live in the same State & County if my recollection is correct. If an Act of God, like a Hurricane hits, then you don’t need a drop cloth to help ensure the statistical probability of a good harvest. The painters drop cloth was written previously plastic, so you have ADD, ,speed read with lack of comprehension skills, stoned, ect. The plastic painter’s drop cloth at Home Depot costs about a Dollar, and it’s clear like visquin. It’s millage is much thinner, so it makes it easy to wrap around each plant when a Tropical Depression, or Monsoons during the season traversing at a slow pace engulfing the state atleast a couple a year. A proactive approach is to elevate the ground at each plant at least a few inches from the start. In addition, the plastic sheet is placed tightly around the trunk in a circular motion not to exceed the outer leaves of each plant unless you want to add to the arduous task of preparing for the weather to come. Furthermore, on the outside edge’s place large indigenous rocks to help hold the visquin sheet if winds are going to be a factor in the hypothetical future grade the National Weather Service is predicting. I mention indigenous rocks because it’s stealthy compared to clay bricks. I think that covers why, and how to help statistically minimize your chances of losing one’s plants from root rot. If you need any clarification, then please ask anything. Your good buddy, S.Fl. Swampbug


One last thing @fano_man, you are logistically in the same area as I am. Unless you live at ir very close to the beaches is the sand you are writing about indigenous to the parcel of land with lots of linestone down here. Your domiciles location was all Swamp. Initially you had black Swamp muck soil. When developers developed they irrigate the land by digging canals. At ground breaking the bulldozers would scrape all the good soil into giant piles, and make the foundations with the junk soil below the muck, out of irrigation canals, or dig a lake because we are at Sea level. After the construction then they would bring the muck in to place a thin layer to cover the junk soul, and place squares of lawn grass on top. It would look beautiful for a short period of time, so the builders could collect on sales. Florida was formed from the glaciers that broke loose after the end of the ice age. The Mountains in the western part of America pale in comparison to the size of the mountains on the East Coast many years ago. If any S.floridian digs a hole in thie ground, then it will always fill with water. The depths to hit water depends on the seasons. During the summer,rain season, 1 - 3 feet deep you hit the top of the water table. Stop acting stupid, and using my lack of memory to get your laughs. I would prefer never to hear from you agsin, so please respect my wishes. Thank you, The Swamp Bug You are not the rockstar you try to portray when it comes to growing. Grow outside with the Everglades National Park, Big Cypress, and deal with the weather. Furthermore, complaints about bugs. You have no idea the ecosystem that lives outside your grow room where you can set all the variables to make it happen. To me you have a long road to travel that may never end. Good luck in life because you are going to need it. I was able to analyze you this quickly because my major was psychology, but give anyone around you a little time they would come to a similar conclusion. You are a simpleton!!! Atleast I was not always a moron it took an incident to shake my brain, and body to nothingness like you.


Lol your on some other shit ive never heard of the visqueen thing thats why it tickled me and i do live by the beach and dredged canalas are full of lime stone oh and btw i went to school for the flora aand fauna of florida its south ppantation highschools magnet program look it up tough guy… probally know 10x the indigenous creatures amd plants herefrom highschool for a magnet program my whole 4 years was based around “outside” my grow room so i dont k ow where your extremem rights amd lefts come from i literally throught the visqueen acted like a ponch keeping driving rain out…what ever bro dont loose sleep cuz i sure wont


And those canals were dredged amd the levis were "corraling the natural flow of natural watwr shed nortb to south so… the big sugar farmers and cattle fucked up our ecosytem and shit south of lake O so dont come at me about shit like a professor before you know who your checking… add… dont have it…so sling mud all u want i prefer to sling bud so…pound your tey board .scream and yell at the screen… either way your lack of memory has you come off as a lack humor and lack of tolerance i dont ser any memory issues unless your coping and pasting from another source cuz u seem to rememever what your drilling quiet lucidly so…i cant take u seriously … poncho idea discarded … ur certified bro good luck in life …smh


Bring on the flags @garrigan65 thats not challange to yiu garr… thats a" here we go again type of summoning to ya brother …smh


hahahaha You kill me @fano_man That’s pretty much tells it…


Lol smh
It may be time to close this thread.


Im not touching any of that.


Lol thats all folks


Hello @fano_man, Your lengthy retort to my previous message has proven my psych social that I provided my hypothesis correct. You are a grown man physically, yet your actual age mentally & emotionally are indicative of a 5th to 6th grader. You came to the cheese on the trap like a Rat. LOL
Horticulture in Broward County Schools is a joke, and to pass the class with an “A” is to attend more classes than skip. On a different note, your explanation of what ruined the ecosystem is not correct. The downward spiral started after World War 2. There was a President by the name of Dwight D. Eisenhower who was elected who saw the importance of infrastructure. He knew the importance of being able to move tangible things quickly from coast to coast, and North to South. The autobahn in Germany was part of his inspiration seeing the importance when almost all wars are won through attrition. To define the previous sentence I will explain more in depth, so even a simpleton can understand. It’s the ability to keep the front lines well stocked with all the essentials. For example, food, gas, munitions, ect. Back to Florida. The destruction was started by the Army Corp of Engineers when they built the mountain around Lake Okeechobee to shore it up, and irrigate the swamp lands to build roads, tracks of land that was built on to all the areas that people have houses on to this date in time. In addition, they flew over the wetlands throwing billions of seeds of Australian Pines, Malalucca trees(paper trees), Ficus, ect. to drink up the water. Now they are nuisance trees, and are banned. Years ago they paid residents to cut them down. I could waste my time educating you on this topic, but I have a 2pm appointment. The lime stone you are talking about under the ground is out on the Everglades too. Before there was a Florida it was the Atlantic ocean with the Gulf of Mexico to the west as we call it today. There was reefs with beautiful sea life, but the Ice age happened. When it ended the giant Glaciers traveled South because, nevermind, I wouldn’t waste my time explaining why. They tore up the crust of the Eastern United states like a bulldozer pushing the crust over the Ancient reefs creating Florida. As mentioned previously the Mountains out west are a fraction of the size of what the Eastern montains were at their peak prior to the Ice age. Let’s make a deal because you have proven my assumption about the whole situation. I will not write to you, or about you ever again. I hope you will do the same, and it will be great. Good luck in life. S.Fl.Swampman


Never said horticulture …infact never took horticulture… look up a magnet program befor you look more foolish then you already do… horticuture is for basics i literqlly based my entire 4 years on the enviornment in florida so again disregarded… wont even give you the satisfaction of reading the rest i stopped as soon as i saw horticuture so seems like your phd in psycowhat ever you said is bonkers as well …again… disreguarded sounds like your on the 5th and 6th grade level leaving "cheese baited rants " …plz go away… from this forum…like your redicules really


Just had to peek at the rest and :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: bahahahahaha go away man i stoppped in the middle again i refuse to hit the bottom of that bs


Your not educating me any one can copy and paste facts and i can equate as true AS I KNOW FOR A FACT ALREADY…so whats your point and by the way you were 11 minutes lates to your 2 o clock for that trash man you are a miserable soul probally alone at the appointment bloods about to boil doc cant figure out why your pressures thepugh the rooof…take a chill pill and find another forum u rub many the wrong way here you just elaborated on my quick summarry of how i know more then whats out side my grow room or did your short term memory laps again and forget thats weree this all stemmed from you gotta take jabs at ppl get out of here


I agree it is beyond funny…New here just lookin to share and receive advice from fellow tokers


@Stoney1 any questions alojg your journey dont hesitate to tag me … i grow in floridaUploading: 20190216_125302.jpg…

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