Florida Grow in the sand


Florida has the worst soil and my concern is root development. Anyone try to plant in 5 gallon bucket, then dig hole in Florida soil (sand), bury bucket and then use this as your base?


I have not. @fano_man grows in florida


You mean like this?


Just make a bed or dig down and replace it with good soil does it really matter anyway as long as you can keep the pH right in the water it’s draining


I live in south central fla. and I put my 5 gal. pails in hole in ground, It worked fine for me because you can take pail out of ground to get run off readings and flush if needed plus I needed that little bit of height I gained to keep them out of sight


Yes…as you know everything drains away …so I have an extra plant or 2 that is just starting to bud and as soon as weather breaks and sun at or below 12/12,was thinking I could get it outside in next 3-4 wks


Well @Stoney1 central FL is currently getting just over 10.45 hrs of light a day. Timeanddate com has the info about all that. It not till April until we start going over 13hr days again. Plenty of outdoor budding time left but colder times ahead. You may find the need to cover them just at night. I hope this isn’t an issue for you.


Just happens I live in that area…Think I will take a chance on it TY for your input


Nothing to chance, as anything outdoors right now is going to bud. The temps will bring out the colors and terpenes. You just have to be prepared to bring them in at night or cover them till morning, that’s all.


Gonna roll the dice…TY for input…need to take some pics.


Out of the closet…

Spent her first night out


Thx for that website :+1:t6: We’re gettin close to 14 hrs sunlight a day here . N my plants r budding up nicely , We’re losing 2 mins a day sunlight


Live on the Gulf side( w.central fl) , although the days are shorter now, I’ve been putting my plants outside until before dusk and then lights for remainder of cycle. Hate to see great sunshine go to waist. Happy Growing!


W. Central Fl. here as well it is in the ground and thriving…Definitely warming up…hope we get some more cold fronts


I am a Florida native, and we will get at atleast a couple more cold fronts by the end of April. On a different note, Universal statements are always a Fallacy. Someone wrote all the soil in Florida is bad, or something close to that. The soil in my backyard can’t grow weed unless I prep it beforehand. The black soil is very high in Nitrogen, and it rolls up the leaves like a joint shortly after dead from N overdose. If you think I am full of c#$p, then I will go out with a pointed shovel to show you what it looks like. It’s in N.Y, and S. Florida where wetlands/swamps were for many millennials before being irrigated to drain the water. I hope you don’t think I am sharpening my knife metaphorically on you personally, yet I really dislike Universal Statements in Logic. Have a good night


My self know all about it …which is absolutley nothing because different parts of the state are different but majority is vary basic (high ph) dirt due to all the lime stone naturallly my dirt in browar came in around 7.9… def not good stunted the shit out of my first run


Just make a bed of preped soil u will thank your self


Glad you have good soil…Light one up relax …Was looking for advice …Thanks for your input


Good morning @Stoney1, I pre mentioned that I was not sharpening my knife on you. Check your dirt, and do exactly what what @fano_man wrote. If it’s sandy, then sdd cut yard grass to save $, or use peat moss, so the added nutrients don’t drain out of root system. In addition, build your plants foundation a few inches above ground, and torrential rains that last for long periods of time will not cause root rot. Furthermore, when a tropical depression comes place a clear plastic painters drop cloth around the trunk in a circular pattern going only to the outside of the leaves of your plants. If it starts to bud in the future, then you will be hypervigilent to take measures to ensure no bud rot / mildew. Good Luck!!!


Thank you appreciate the info