Florida Governor and Legislators dragging their butts😡


Yep I’m also using an ecig. I figured I smoke at least once an hour for 12 - 13 hours per day and I try to grab the vape even more often now. I also switched to zero nicotine juice :grimacing: on January first. I’m just tickled pink for finding a method that works for me after over 40 years of smoking cigarettes.




I feel for you, and the predicament Florida Politicians(liars,cheats,thieves, and no care for others. In addition, we are subject to laws that if broken benefit the state in revenue, confiscation, and federal money to send one to prison for a minimum/mandatory for cultivating. In conclusion, the final insult is incarceration has become a money maker. Florida is in the forefront in locking up & collecting federal subsidies. The daily cost to feed an inmate is under .75 cents, and look up how much Uncle Sam pays Florida per inmate.


Here here… . :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


I feel for all the pain, aggravation, and loss from what I have read. I am not an anarchist, yet I do believe that if the Founding Fathers who gathered to write the Declaration of independence were here today. They would be rallying people to rebel against the tyranny we face daily in the political arena in the USA. Kinda like the old King George of England. When I mentioned political it includes medical because the government conceived this CONUNDRUM!!