Florida Governor and Legislators dragging their butts😡


I’m just here to vent right now so please bear with me. Once again I have a family member dying of Cancer. Sadly, under Florida law, she would qualify for Medical Marijuana; HOWEVER, there are NO dispensaries licensed in the state. The Florida Governor and elected Legislators would rather people be kept doped up on drugs that prevent communication, lowers the respiratory system and the list goes on. I’m angry as hell about this. Absolutely I didn’t want my Mother, Father, Aunt & now my Sister to suffer. Morphine et al is necessary at the appropriate time. BUT we all should have the choice when that time comes!!!
Thanks for letting me cry and vent here. I’m sure I’m not alone and Florida isn’t the only state.
Please feel free to share your experiences.


I, too, rage here in Georgia.:sunglasses:


I hear you. NH still hasn’t legalized it even though most of its neighbors have. They just decriminalized small amounts up to 3/4 ounce which is supposed to take effect in October so at least we have made some progress here.
It should be a choice for those who are suffering to decide how they want to be treated. There is an opium epidemic in this country that possibly could be helped by making cannabis available to those who would prefer it over an opiod.


Yep. The nursing home my sister is in (through Medicaid) is even in violation of her Living Will! They tell my nephew that they HAVE to feed her in order to give her meds for pain. It’s cheaper for them rather than injections. They’re just drawing it out to make more money :rage: And that is exactly what she didn’t want!!!


My mother was in Florida with Alzheimer’s and they insisted on keeping her on chemicals to keep her insurance company paying. My brother and I took care of that mess. Here in Georgia, our illustrious Governor signed a bill to allow CBD oil for 9 specific maladies. But you cannot get the oil here. Damn Nazis.:sunglasses:


Yep. Sounds just like Florida. They approved the use but not the availability. I’m in the Midwest with a disabled husband. Otherwise I’d be in Florida kicking ass and taking names. I’m trying to let my nephew deal with this but there IS a reason why I was sent a copy of her living will! While I’m ready to let her go I’m not willing to let her suffer.


During a moment of clarity, mom said she just wanted to go in her sleep like her mother did. Thank God, she was able to. :sunglasses:


I’m so thankful for her and you. From what I’ve been told, my sister is kept so doped up there are no moments of clarity. I’ve seen this before which is why we drew up living wills. I’m giving my nephew the weekend to accept the situation. IF she makes it to Monday and her wishes aren’t met I will have to intervene to keep our mutual promise.


UPDATE: Florida actually has passed law allowing for marijuana oil etc. nothing for smoking per se. Sadly, many counties & cities are under moratoriums, but at least it’s a start. Again, too late for my sister but will absolutely be a blessing for those down the road.


Actually too little too late. :sunglasses:


Yep. I’m usually a pretty law a biding citizen except when it comes to this issue. I’ve seen way too many people suffer needlessly for way too long.


I have quite a bit of experience in these situations
Injections and IVs require at the very least a LPN and most times an RN for Administration, pills can be passed out by nurses aides. RNs cost $35 or more per hour. Nurses aides cost $12/$14 per hour.
The only real way to see that your sister receives proper care is to get her an attorney that specializes in nursing home fraud or take her in to your home and get her hospice care
Best wishes for your sister and you


@hillbilly103 Patty passed this morning. And like you, I’ve had way too much experience with this. The nursing home had RN on 24/7 so injections would not have been a problem. Thanks so much for your caring and concern. :blush:


She now is at peace. I’ll send Angels to you both.:sunglasses:


@OldStealth thanks so much. I can handle Death but it’s the dying and suffering that gets to me. I’m so thankful that Patty is at peace finally :purple_heart::star2::butterfly:


My condolences… I just saw this post…
I’m also a cancer patient that goes through the same crap… State legalizes it then prohibits dispensering it… And it’s all about $$$$…
I believe we are more humane to our pets than the State is to us…


Oh dear @Dragon269 I’m sorry about your cancer. I’m still missing my sister so much. I’m so tired of the Federal & State governments not seeing the advantages of MJ. If you ever need to vent or just to somewhat publicly chat, Please feel free :hugs:


Thanks @SmoknGranny Granny… Didn’t mean to vent… It’s a sore spot with me… Due to MJ… (lots of MJ… Lol) I’ve been in remission for a couple years now…
Best thing I did for me (actually 2 things) was to flush all the crap I was being given… 2nd thing is I finally quit smoking (tobacco)…
MJ is most definitely the S*it…
And back at ya,… Need to talk, tag me anytime!


Lol I didn’t think anything negative :grimacing:. I was the only person my sister could vent to & wanted you to know that I was here for you if needed. :hugs:. I’m thrilled you are in remission :+1: I think it’s awesome that you were able to quit cigarettes :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2: I have tried many methods for many years to quit and currently kinda treating it like a diet to lose weight now. For the first time I can see the end of the road. Down from 2 packs a day to 12-13 from January last year and in general no urge to smoke more. I’m ahead of schedule and now goal is to get to zero by October :crossed_fingers:. So by rationing myself in steps then maintaining a bit then decrease my daily cigarettes and maintain again I finally found what worked for me :grinning:


If I could give you more than 1 like I would… :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart::black_heart::black_heart::black_heart::black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:
That is outstanding! Keep it up and you will quit… :grin::grin::grin:
What helped me the most was an e-cig for the first month or so…
Good Luck… :sunglasses: