Florgro PH issues

I am using GH Floragro and I am noticing something strange. The PH isn’t really stable right from the mixing. It seems to want to stay low and drops pretty steady overnight too. It takes a lot to bring the PH up where it needs to be.

From what I understand it’s supposed to keep a stable PH or am I missing something. Right after mix and the same later on.

I don’t believe you should let them sit. Use them right away or yes the PH will change. From what I’ve read it’s not a good idea to keep it mixed up probably because of the results your seeing.

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Know about not letting them sit. That’s literally when it’s mixed. I PH it properly and by the next day it can drop back down. Takes a day or two and it stays stable.

Saying it drops right down to under 5.0 when I mix it up. Didn’t think it would drop that low when mixed.

sorry I guess I misunderstood

More curiosity than anything, it’s not really an issue. Just from what their website says it should mix to 5.5 - 5.8. I’m diligent about testing twice a day, just read about people who mix it and it’s almost where they gotta be.

My ph in 6.5 and my ph out 5.6. I’m growing in coco-soil-perlite and I can’t bring the ph up.

I’m assuming you’re hydro or coco. A couple dumb but necessary questions; if you’re using flora micro, are you adding that first, before everything else? Are you vigorously shaking the bottles before adding to water? Pulled this from their site; “Maintain nutrient pH between 5.5 and 6.5. Adjustment may be necessary


Don’t have any idea why it is going so low… I’ve never used those, BUT… If you would rather “get something” in your “pH UP” adjustment rather than just adding NaOH, et al… consider adding either SiO2 or K2O3Si… Not sure about the Silicon Dioxide (because it is largely insoluble at room temp), but Potassium Silicate is pretty alkaline and will help get your pH back up in range while providing some silica for your plants.

Note… for K2O3Si, you get 18.204 ppm Si and 50.685 ppm K out of a 100 ppm dilution. I’d mix the Potassium Silicate as a separate mixture and get a ppm reading… then multiply the ppm reading/100 by the two numbers I gave earlier to get the ppm that would be added to your nute mix IF you add the entire gallon. IF you only add a part of the gallon to the mix just til the pH is “right”, you would multiply your gallon ppm totals for Si and K by the portion of a gallon you used ( X ml / 3785 ml).

Typically, you add Si first, but at such a low pH, you can probably add it as a pH adjuster with little to no precipitation.

BIG NOTE: Be SURE that you are calculating the additional “K” you are adding and that it doesn’t run you too high on “K”.

Just a thought…

Thanks! Def check into it. Just strange it tanks the PH when mixed according to their instructions.

Been using Armor SI as PH up too. I normally only need PH down.
I use GH my mix comes out to 5.9-6.0

Based on straight R/O or distilled. What water are you using because anything with a TDS is going to cause PH to be different. I use it and with R/O it comes in around 5.8.