FloraKleen - What is in it?

I cannot find listed ingredients for this. Just curious, all they say is “trade secret”, is that code for something?

Not sure never used it, maybe get ahold if manufacturers but they may not tell you

I’ve wondered as well …i used the product twice but didn’t notice much

The english hazard fact sheet doesn’t mention anything, however, in the french européen hazard fact sheet, there is one ingredient that is under review for it might be a mutagenic agent , no mention of the name of the ingredient since it’s a secret recepy, but it’s in a small quantity … @bryan

Here’s the quote:

Section 11. Informations toxicologiques:
(…) Un des ingrédients utilisé en petites quantités est sous investigation comme un possible mutagène. (…)

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Thanks @Niala. Every other bottle I have lists ingredients except it. Good to see ya around.

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Thanks @bryan , it’s feeling good to be back after 2 months of medical test :wink::grinning:

Flora kleen is like sledge hammer Fawless finish it is a flushing agent designed to clean your system and draw nutrients out of medium as well as break down mineral deposits


it doesn’t list ingredients because it is an empty chelate designed to attach to minerals dragging them out of your system. Think of chelates like little hooks designed to grab molecules of a certain size and pull them along for the journey. Most use it during scheduled system flushes to prevent mineral build up clogged misters pumps and residues in res but is safe for use with plants in hydro system though typically run through system for an hour or 2 then emptied and res refilled
Main reason it doesn’t include ingredients is so competition doesn’t steal it and that it has no NPK


Manufacturer (GH) states that it is a glucose and sucrose solution. They do not list specific formulations. I found this answer from the customer questions and answers section on their Amazon page. Hope that helps.

For my part, I have used the product many times with satisfactory results.