FloraKleen experience with coco?

I recently went to coco and think it’s time for FloraKleen but I have no experience using it. My girls are about 4.5 weeks old and I’m having trouble getting my ph below 6.7
I’m hoping FloraKleen will rectify the situation. Two of my girls are doing great but one severely was stunted. I’ll post a pic, and any advice about FloraKleen would be appreciated. I’m thinking it’s time for a flush.


What brand of coco are you using? Did you prewash it prior to use?


If I were you I would flush your pots using whatever you wanted the end product to be. So for simplicity, say your wanting 6.0ph @ 1000ppms then I would run 6.0ph’d/1000ppm water until your runoff matches.


It’s coco loco

I did not prewash

I would prewash in the future unless your buying prewashed in the bags.


Not positive but I believe coco loco is supposed to be ph higher. Just like soil I think. Don’t hold me to that though

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What is a pre wash

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Like if you get a brick of compressed coco. You have to rehydrate it and rinse it otherwise you run into ph problems. You gotta think, coconuts grow in tropical climates and usually near salt water. So some of the cheaper brands are usually full of salt, thus creating ph problems

If you buy prewashed bags, like the 50L bag of Canna Coco then you dont need to worry.


Usually you run coco in the 5.8 to 6.0 range. Look at your nutrients first and see what they are chelated to. Usually the manufacturer will suggest the proper ph.


Thank you for the info I’ll like your posts in 8hrs lol I’m out of likes till then


I’ve been throwing 4.5-5.5 ph’d water at for weeks without being able to reduce ph of runoff below 6.7. I also top dressed with some stuff to bring it down. Does anyone think it’s time to FloraKleen these girls? I’ve heard once per month. I wish I knew if CocoLoco is absolutely supposed to be higher ph…

Coco Loco is washed
According to Fox Farms its triple washed

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@VTGROW @imSICKkid coco loco gets ph water around 6.5 that why they recommend you use it on top of kind soil. Now with straight coco you want ph 5.8 so you should be good. I just looked it up but can’t upload pictures

What are you using for water?
Tap, RO, rain…?

I didnt realize coco loco was actually soil…wtf…fox farms…smdh.


Not soil is really. They just do something to it. Not exactly sure but I think @SilentHippie has used kind soil so he could explain better than I. But you are correct on wanting to flush brick coco. That’s what I use and I flush mine until I get almost clear runoff, not the ugly brown water you get at first

Well according to FF you run it like soil ph wise. So @VTGROW your medium is in the correct zone, if it’s at 6.7 I wouldnt worry at all about that.

This is something I would not recommend: never go far outside normal range when trying to adjust PH in media. You can burn the plant.

I use Florakleen and it helps to cut down the amount of water needed to flush. Coco requires periodic flushing and additional cal mag: FF loads flush points into their grow schedule. Personally I use R/O and on water only days don’t even bother to PH. Getting on a good feed/water regimen is a good idea but need to monitor the plants for issues.

I would also suggest you stay conservative on your TDS numbers when you feed: 800 ppm in veg is all you need and the plant will be happy. @Not2SureYet notes he gets a growth jump on water only days too.


I was just gonna say the same thing. Do NOT go outside the optimal ph range chasing a deficiency or ph problem. It will only make things worse. :v::bear: