Flora gro ppm suggestions

Hello I’m usbeing the flors grow series with my dwc and my question is this, if I mix the suggested nutrient amounts and it doesnt bring my ppm where it should be do I just keep mixing the amounts until I finally reach my ppm thanks in advance


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I personally start with half strength very early veg and slowly increase until i see tips beginning to yellow then dial back i tend to push a little on the heavy side just what i do personally so to answer your question yes i would if there are no signs of overfeeding

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What do you have for lights in there

I usually fill in with a little extra dose of Micro in veg or Bloom in flower, if she is looking happy and healthy. If she is small, or not so healthy, I’ll feed at the lower rate and wait for signs to increase ppm. I’ll go as high as 1900ppm in flower, with extra co2 and under my mars hydro tsl-2000.

Overfeed a bit, just drain a bit off and add some fresh RO. Overfeed a ton and wash out your bucket (flush) and start off mixing 1/2 what you just did (maybe check the math again too :slight_smile: )