Floppy Girl in the Mornings

I am totally new to this. I topped (and LST) my Blue Dream girl recently and she looks healthy but when I open the tent in the mornings she is usually sagging. The lights are on 18/6 and after the nap, she looks more spry again. This behaviour was the same just before the topping.

I have 3 other strains in the tent and all are sort of pert most of the time. And BD is one of the best growers so far.

Is this too much heat? Too much water? Or nothing to be worried of? I’m just really curious, not worried yet.

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Nothing to worry about. They will perk up before lights on and then go a lil limp just before light outs. Keep doing wat your doing


Cool man. Thanks. Trying to get up to speed of you pros.

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You’ll be there in no time. Once u get a handle on things its pretty simple

Looks good to me! Mine also have a limp/perk cycle they go through. Just make sure you’re not over or under watering.

Otherwise it’s normal for her to chill out here and there.

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