Floating seed during germination

Is it normal for seed to float when soaking to germinate??
I thought that was a sign of bad seed.


Hi and welcome. They take a little while to sink. I’ve had one that did not sink, but still germed.


I’ve never had a seed sink. All have germinated.


Sometimes a gentle poke will sink it.


I can get behind this statement lol


I had 2 seeds that kept floating after 24 hours of soaking. I then put them in damp toilet paper and then into soil. The two didn’t get a tap root and I said screw it and guess what? They managed to pop in the soil. I have 4 healthy girls.

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Thanks folks for your answers. I let it float for about 5 hours then decided to germinate it in those expanding pet pots instead I want to make sure I get plants…

Welcome. I’m still on my first year, but I soak up to 48 hours or until tail pops out. Also soak in 10:1 water /hydrogen peroxide. When tail pops, they then go into peat pucks Good luck…

I soak 24 hours or until they sink, in a shot glass of tap water with a drop or 3 of H2O2. Keep them in the dark, and somewhere warmish will help things along, too. Then once they sink or 24 hours has passed, I go straight into a rooting plug, or directly into the solo cup of soil suitable for seedlings…say that 5 times fast!


OK I have had several seed germinate, planted in peat plugs. They get through the soil and that is it, Won’t shed seed hull. They stop growing and the stems turn brown and the plants die. What is the problem???

Could be several things, can you describe your methods? Maybe something will stand out. The first thing I think of when I see stuck hulls is either the seed wasn’t planted deep enough, or needs to be more wet for the hull to soften more.

Thanks! I got it fixed this time , I used an eye dropper to moisten the seed hull over 2 days and it dropped away. I now have a healthy looking seedling .

Right on, glad to hear it! I’d rather see it though. :smiley: