Flipping Veg to Flower


Almost ready to flip veg to flower and wondering how much I could or should trim in order to produce the best chance of getting the best buds from the plants. I have topped the plants twice so I have several good branches growing and just need to know safely how much leaves and or lower branches I should trim off and not hurt the plant.


@santuki First grow here, but I would not recommend trimming leaves off unless necessary. The leaves are energy producers, and if you take those away, you’re taking energy away. Unless they’re yellow and dying. This also depends what kind of grow you’re going for… scrog, or sea of green. Happy growing! Maybe someone with more experience can chime in… @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Hogmaster @Screwauger


I agree. They need those leaves. Another reason to trim is for air circulation. Usually if they aren’t need the plant will kill them off for you!


Also agree 100%


I am growing your Purple Haze and Chocolope. The Chocolope leafs are much larger and much thicker mass. I had been told to trim the bottom third before flipping these plants. So basically what I am asking is is there any prep of these plants prior to flip? Growth is indoor and using LED.


No prep, you’ve already topped them, so you did most of the preparation ahead of time. Sounds like you’re ready. I would suggest to put an oscillating fan on them, to keep air circulating in the grow area and you’ll have no problems. Helps the plants breath, and as the buds get denser, keeps them from collecting moisture and rotting. (Terrible word I know) Prevention is the key to a SUCCESSFUL grow.


Well I guess I just needed a little nudge to go into new territory. I have a small fan going and with the air filter also blowing I get pretty good circulation. First grow in soil indoors so just a little tentative. But bite the bullet I will and tomorrow I will flip these little guys and get them on their way to big things.


That’s really awesome to hear. We would be happy to follow along if you’re able to post pictures. There lots of grow journals to follow along here. This one is mine, more than welcome to take a look. It was my first grow, and I learned a lot with a few mistakes along the way. Learn from mine.


A lot of times you can gently tuck some of those larger fan leaves under branches or bud sites.